De-clutter Them Draws

Today’s post is a little tips and tricks on how to declutter your makeup draws. I’ve noticed recently that mine have became very very full and my makeups starting to get damaged due to an over crowded situation. So yes the sad time has came were I’m giving my makeup a good clear out and being super harsh and only keeping the products I actually use. So friends and family reading this there will be a lot of makeup to give away to another home…

The Do’s In Discarding Makeup;

Is it even your shade? If you just answered no and you don’t have any plans to tan up soon, toss it to the giveaway bag. You really don’t need it!

Have you worn it in the last 3-6 months? Now for me I don’t wear makeup that often usually work or going out any other time you’ll catch me makeup free rubbing my eyes as I please. So any eyeshadows/liners etc stay out of the because you know you need selection…lets be honest. Anything else i.e. foundation, concealers, brow pencils? If it’s not an everyday you don’t need 10

Do you have a 101 open mascaras and you only ever use one? Yeah bin them, they’ve probably dried up…

Products you didn’t like? Why not let a friend try them instead of letting them take up valuable space

Even nail polish, c’mon I don’t have 100 fingers and toes and 100% don’t have the time

Exact or super similar shades of eyeshadow. Now this I am super guilty like I have a ton of oranges and reds that can pass as twins. It’s been super hard but I seriously don’t need them all, god what have I just said…

Now as bad as this sounds if I have a product that I love but hate the smell I can promise it’ll be the last item I pick out so these items are one for the give away pile

Makeup thats really old. It has a sell buy date for a reason and even though I do use makeup which is probably out of date there gets to a point that you don’t wanna cross



  1. Allie Davies
    December 11, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    Defo need to do this.. except I've been shopping for red toned eyeshadows and its all your fault 🌚Tie-dye-eyes

    • Erin Tisdale
      December 14, 2016 / 7:35 pm

      Sorry not sorry we all need a red toned eyeshadow lol xx

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