Chapter Five

So I’m sure by now you guys know the deal with my chapter posts by now. Unfortunately as well as filling you in on my life with the juicy bits I’ll be releasing some negative energy so I can start a fresh in 2017. Well I started a new job which turned into a bust. A bust of negative stressful energy that made me so sick with stress I started looking for another job after 1 month. Now there is no need for me to tell you guys the company because as a whole I LOVE the company but just not the work environment I was in. From around July to October I felt that my blog, my personal life all suffered as this grey cloud was just constantly following me around. Now even though I was extremely lucky to find and get another job so quick the job still had negative effects even after I had left due to trying to get all of the money I was owed from the company but now that they money problems have been ironed out I’m starting to slowly build back up. Silly as it is to be so upset over a job, I was. I was a balling mess the day before New York and while away I still felt like I couldn’t relax which really upset me as I had been so so excited to go for 8 months. Like as I read this back I know I sound fucking stupid. But the state the job set my mind into just ruined everything and even now I find it so hard to try and explain it without seeming like a total drama mama.
Well now I’m settled into a new job with the most amazing team ever! I couldn’t be more grateful so hopefully fingers crossed I pass my probation and get to stay with the team. (Keep you updated on that one). The company is incredible and treat staff so well and do so much for the staff, I honestly feel so settled already.

Now honestly since that’s the only thing that has been on my mind I feel like I probably do have loads more to fill you in on but that’s the biggie that I have in my mind right now. Apart from me classing 2016 as possibly the worst year ever so far for me (and the world). I’m hoping to just go into 2017 with the most positive mind set as I am determined to make it MY year! This is why I am posting today because I want to leave it all behind and just enjoy life to the max! It is already going to a great start as me and my wonderful boyfriend, Ali, are starting out in Berlin and travelling over to Prague from the 2-9th of January, so stay tuned on my Youtube and other social media to see what we get up to.

Before I get myself into an emotional mess at midnight I need to say a HUGE thank you. To all my lovely readers for supporting me for over a YEAR now, my subscribers on Youtube for putting up with my awful accent and my friends. All of the people that have held my hand through the hard times and all the new faces I’ve met. You are all so beautiful and Im so grateful you walked into my life and made 2016 a little bit sweeter…


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