My Friday Night

Parties, drinking, wild nights all seems like such fun but I take it a pinch at a time. Most weekends I stay in and watch countless amounts of youtube videos and films, read, write. Thats pretty much my whole weekend summed up.  Even though I do occasionally go out to the off bar or two it’s very rare I much prefer staying in wrapped up in my duvet eating cake, drinking tea and being absorbed by a fantasy world. Boring some may think or others reading this may be on the same wave length as me and if so I’ve got you weekend watch list sorted. 

For me I love 90s films the most, the fashion, the set itself is always incredible plus some of the worlds best actors/actresses. I feel there is something about watching films made in the decade I was born gives me a strange nostalgia. Too young to remember any of it, it is a decade I could happily live the rest of my life in. So quiet a lot of these are 90s but not all, some I only recently watch and some I’ve seen over 100 times. 

1. BEETLEJUICE Recently a friend told me they didn’t even know what it was and Alex confessed he hadn’t even seen it. By far one of my all time favourite films with the beautiful youthful Winona Ryder in. Also I just am in love with Tim Burton.

2. All Dogs Go To Heaven this film just sums up my childhood. I used to have this strange obsession when I was younger to find a film or TV episode (on video lol) and watch it solidly for months on end. This incredible children’s film was apart of my ritual.

3. Girl Interrupted. Only watched this earlier in the year due to it becoming available on Netflix, a film I’d heard incredible things about and rightly so.

4. Pulp Fiction. Without doubt Quentin Tarantino is one of the best filmmakers of all time. This is my second favourite film of his. His insane imagination creates the best storyline/s and the most blood spilling scenes ever. 

5. Kill Bill all Vol. Kill Bill definatly is a look away, jaw dropping film. Full of death, deception and daughters. I watched this when I was way to young to understand it but now i constantly begging alex to put it on. 

6. True Romance my favourite film written by the big QT. My best friend came round for a sleepover and brought this as she knew I would love it. How I do. Since watching it with her iI’ve watched it a further 4-5 times and I just cant believe what happens. Love is crazy. 

7. Clueless. A film I couldn’t even count the amount of times i’ve seen this, I just know it is a lot. The outfits worn are enough to make you watch this but the script is something I quote day in and day out. 

8. American Beauty. Known as one of the best films released in the 90s. It explores real life situations looking at love in different platforms. I feel that the film can say one story to someone else and something totally different to another. 

9. 10 Things I Hate About You. A film that actually makes me want to dance of tables. A film I’m sure most have seen and if you haven’t get your tissues ready…

10. Edward Scissor Hands. Just another reason to love Johnny Depp more. I like the story line and the idea behind the creation of Edward but I have to admit I love this due to the romance of certain characters. Winona Forever. 


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