Oktoberfest | IL

Regular reader? You will pretty much guess that I am the most proud scouser ever, one of many in a beautiful city. So when I hear Independent Liverpool are putting on another sweet event, I’m always down! Anything that supports my hometown I’m always down for.
This time Independent Liverpool threw an Oktoberfest, a German festival held in Munich every year where over seven and a half million litres of beer are consumed. Tempting, I know. Who doesn’t love a good stein? So the lads decided to bring it to Liverpool, a city with so many hidden places for a good pint, like Liverpool Craft Beer. Pretty sure we all had a good go that weekend trying to guzzle down close to 7.5m, lol.
Apart from beer, there was rich food to go with it. including Meet Frank and a personal favourite Laura’s Little Bakery, her brownies made me speechless. There was even vegetarian options so there really is something for everyone.
The theme for these parties just gets better and better and so do the parties, there is nothing quiet like partying in a room full of drunk happy Scousers. It was an evening filled of me and Alex laughing at each other while we brought out some stupid dance moves and while I screamed the Chili Peppers at the DJ as well as every song he played. Now if you don’t get like this every time you drink you’re not partying properly!
If you’re ever looking for something to do on a dull weekend check out the guys on social media and see when the next event is, it’s not something to be missed…


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