As you guys probably know it is a Wednesday, a day I do not normally upload, which means today I’m bringing you something special. A few days ago I walked into ‘The Gallery’ on Stanhope street aimlessly looking for some inspiration for university work. Here I met an incredible artist, Ø N Ē | M Å N. We spoke for so long it seemed like forever, it was amazing. From his incredible artwork, inspirations and so much more I felt like in just a few hours I had dived into his work. His work is so beautiful and super refreshing, after many hours spent in galleries I can’t say I have seen anything in a  while that has really spoke to me like his art work did. But even just looking at the beautiful young girl I feel like his work already tells a thousand stories.

His collection of artwork is inspired by some travelling he done a few years ago around South East Asia. The portraits are of people he met along the way. His geometric shape drawings came from sketch book he carried around with him while travelling. From this his sketches and inspiration from Dazzle Camouflage (Razzle Dazzle) he has been working on it and manipulating it and adding the patterns to surfaces and walls for many years.

Out of curiosity, I asked what his favourite piece was and why. He said it was the ‘Wise Old Man’ because he felt it was one of his strongest pieces and it was also one of the first he created. 

The metallic colours you can see throughout some of his worked really attracted me, I was desperate to know how he created this and with what media. He told me he uses is spray paint through hand cut stencils on Plywood with a little touch of emulsion paint.

I think my favourite piece has to be the little sketches as I am now a proud owner of one, before I left the gallery he gifted me with a little bag which contained the spray paint he uses and a print. This I will forever treasure as that afternoon was a real pleasure for me. I felt that my eyes were re-opened to another life within the art world.

If you guys wanna experience what I did get yourselves down to…

The Gallery Liverpool

41 Stanhope St

Open all day and the collection will be in the gallery till 30/10/16 so Hurry!


Instagram – @oneman_art 


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