Recently the shops have been booming with ‘New In’ sections, ‘Must Have’ and ‘Autumn Essentials’. Now I am a a girl with a substantial wardrobe, I am a shopaholic with a bad obsession for anything faux leather, metal detailing and PU. My wardrobe is constantly growing an yet again this beautiful season has come around and yes I’m drooling and trying to stir away from Zara but then I am trapped at home with ASOS. While saving away as many pennies I can for holidays and Christmas I have made a little wish list that I thought I’d share today. I love reading other blogger’s wish lists because sometimes we don’t get to see every single item of ASOS, even though I am sure I have been pretty close. I hope you guys like todays post and if so share with me some of the items you are loving at the moment…

1. ASOS Red Tea Dress
2. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Sweatshirt
3. Public Desire Floral Boots
4. ASOS PU Black Skirt
5. ZARA Lace Black Blouse
6. Link Not Available
7. ZARA Red Boots
8. ZARA Embroidered Jacket
9. ZARA Red Skirt
10.Topshop White T-shirt
11. ZARA Black Pointed Shoes
12. ZARA Layered Dress
13. Zara Handbag
14. Topshop Floral Print Blouse

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