Hey Little Cupcake | Event

Now be prepared for a short and sweet post guys and yes the pun was totally planned! A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to a cupcake decoration class with Hey Little Cupcake who are based in Manchester. Of course you know I was there, anything with the word cake and I’m there! Two of the best foods in the world are sandwiches and cake, now if you think about it cake is just a sweet sandwich. I grabbed my train ticket and off I was to bake and create.
As soon as I got one leg in the door I was overwhelmed by the cute scenery in the little cake cafe! It was decorated so beautifully not only with interiors but with cake of course. The sweet smell coming from inside was mouth watering!
Sean the best baker ever (could win bake off!!) taught us so many things from creating beautiful, delicate roses out of sugar paste, how to ice a cake including how to create a grass like texture for our little flowers. My grass however did fail, but non the less I learnt.
It was a fun filled evening gossiping about bake off, trying to not eat all of the sugar paste and learning that I am not Mary Berry. The event is one of the funnest I have been to as of yet!

I want to add a huge thank you to Hey Little Cupcake and the Hut Group for inviting me! Now I am about to chomp into my delicious cakes and drink some tea from my #selfie mug gifted from the incredible Hut Company.



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