Get Ready With Me & Charlotte

Recently I was contacted by Selfridges to see if I wanted to come down to their Manchester (Arndale) store to have a little pamper around the beauty department. Obviously you guys know I am a huge fan of all things skin care and makeup and I jumped at the chance. Especially since I never get to shop at the store since Liverpool don’t have one, sigh. But nonetheless, I was over the moon to be jumping the train down to Manc to have a little beauty fix. I was super lucky to be able to pick a counter to make me over and educate me in some of their products. So I choose Charlotte Tilbury, even when typing this I feel oh so fancy. Charlotte Tilbury a renowned, beautiful brand well known for its incredible skin care and model aesthetic.
Shane, one of her beauty artists in store made me up, from tired dull Erin, to a ray of sunshine. He walked me through the most luxurious skin care, telling me ingredients, what it does and how it’ll help me. This skin care was tailor made to my oily skin and really helped to keep the makeup in place for longer while giving me a mini face lift!

We then went through to the base, making sure it suited my oily skin but also my preference. I love makeup and I like to wear a lot, but face makeup I like to be subtle and avoid looking ‘cakey’ at all costs. After honestly 0.5 seconds I was a glowing goddess, my skin literally reflected those VS secret models we see strutting it down the run way.
We then went on to the eye look, the show stopper, something CT is well known for. Before starting this journey to heaven I chose one of her iconic looks, the one I chose was the ‘Dolce Vita’ look as the eyes were so cat like and stunning, something I am to scared to do on myself. Shane showed me all the tips and trips for achieving the purrfect cat eye, so I can assure you it will be coming soon in a YT video! After my eyes were seductively smoked out shane with his incredible steady hand applied the feline flick some heavy coatings of mascara (which is freaking insane!) and the eyes were done a soft, yet smouldering eye.

Now brows, this is where Shane’s insane skills blew me away… He made it look like I actually have real brows, being so fair I don’t really have bushy dark brows, more a few stray hair here and there. He was able to give me an incredible “sporty” brow which consists of a strong shape, a good amount of brow and a feathery blown-out look. They were 100% one of my favourite parts of the beautiful look Shane created. I loved it all but them brows where a Scouse babes dream!
After eyes we touched up the under eye making me look awake instead of half asleep! Powdered to matte my skin a little but still keeping the goddess glow alive and thats pretty much it! He added a beautiful lipstick (also on the list to buy) ‘Bond Girl’ and I was done ready to paint the town red!

Products Used;

The Dolce Vita Look










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