Falling Leaves & Vampy Lips

The leaves have started to fall from the trees and you know it can only mean 1 thing, THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN. Yes the incredible Autumn is finally with us again and in true vampire sucking spirit I thought I would show you what lipsticks I’m digging out from my collection for the next few months ahead. It is always a makeup trend that every year a dark, burgundy/berry toned lip shade comes out and spreads kisses across the nation and yes I join this. Even though I don’t think too much about this trend and I would wear a dark lip any time of the year, Autumn and Winter are the seasons I rock them most. So here is the exclusive list of lip products which make it’s way to my makeup bag on every dark evening…

Starting with my favourite we have the Maybelline Matte Colour Sensational ‘Divine Wine’ Lipstick, man now that was a tongue twister. My favourite out of all the incredible dark lipsticks the makeup industry has to offer? Yes. It’s matte so its super long lasting without drying the lips out. It is a true deep dark red shade without being too pink and going slightly berry. Colour pay of is great, it smells like a normal lipstick and it’s super affordable! It is a bomb.com all rounder with no flaws so yeah for me its my favourite and my most worn.

Next I have to show you is it’s husband and husband to most of these products, it is the MAC Pro-Longwear Lipliner in Dark Out. Again it is matte, long wearing and is the perfect shade for various dark lips. I would describe this as a maroon and is slightly darker than Divine Wine which I like. However this shade works well with even the berry tones. It is one of the two dark lipliners I own,I do want to try but ey “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. I 100% would repurchase this when it is deceased over trying out a new one, but I am a makeup junky and I do want more.

I then have another dark red lip and this one is Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Bette’. I like for for a variety of reasons main one being that Bette was the name of a character in one of my favourite bloody seasons, American Horror Story. If you don’t know the season I am referring to then you’re not a fan as it was one of the best season yet. I also love this because it isn’t matte, even though I prefer matte it is nice to change it up. This satin/wet look is gorgeous and can add the finishing touches to a look. Despite the fact it isn’t matte it does last a long time, of course when eating it gets inhaled with the rest of your food but without eating it great! God I really know how to sell a lipstick lol. I also have to say out of all the product I am mentioning today this one wins the packaging award along with most of Nars’ products the magnetic click makes it all.

Second to last I have a berry tone of course this post wouldn’t be complete unless I mentioned one. Now this is a lipstick I haven’t tried as I got it towards the end of last winter. It is MAC Matte Lipstick in ‘Sin’. I bought this because I had heard in the beauty guru land a few whispers that it was good and as you all know I love MAC lip product so I picked it up. I don’t think it’ll take over Divine Wine but hey if it does I’ll let ya’ll know.

Last but not least we have a colour I don’t think anyone is expecting. A purple and I don’t mean plum. It is MAC Mattene Lipstick in ‘Own The Look’. This vivid purple just completes my dream as purple is probably one of my favourite colours. I like to bring these shades out during the autumn/winter as it is a bit funky and a bit of a diverse away from the berry tones. When ever I wear these lipsticks I feel like my makeup is really stood out and I kinda like that it. I did the first time I wore this colour think I looked fucking stupid and thought I would stick out like a sore thumb at uni. But I don’t really care if someone thought it was lame coz I liked it and thats what matters. I am a very creative person I always have been even at school I wasn’t the academic type. For me playing around with makeup and experimenting is a creative form of art and I love doing it. It is something to have fun with and not be scared of.



  1. Kirsty Hoggons
    October 10, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    This post is great! I love all of these colours and I am saving this post right now! Thank you for sharing – also your photography is so pretty!

  2. Erin Tisdale
    October 16, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Thank you so much means alot!Erin – Bitchin'Blondewww.bitchinblonde.com

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