Dance With Me & Doc Martens

Recently I was given a super cool opportunity to attend the Doc Martens #StandForSomething event in Liverpool. Obviously being a huge fan of docs I jumped at the chance to dance. I’ve worn docs since around 13 and I even remember my first pair, some victorian flower patterned 8 eye boots complete with silk pink laces. Thirteen year old Erin was in her element.
Needless to say this is probably to date the best event I have ever attended, I was so flattered to have the opportunity not only to go to this event with the exclusive invite from docs but to go and listen to emerging talent in the music industry.

So the great guys at Docs didn’t want to send me bare footed so I was able to go into my local Liverpool store (Liverpool One) pick up any pair I fancied. I decided I would get the loafer styled ones as I already own a few boots pairs. Mine are called the Ellaria and they are a beautiful pair of chunky gothic loafers, of course the best quality ever! I paired my docs with a mini faux leather skirt fishnets and a baggy jumper. The perfect outfit for a gig.

Not having attended any of the previous #StandForSomething events I honestly had no idea what to expect I went in blinded but was dazzled by what happened on the evening. I found myself at the beautiful Scandinavian Church in Liverpool, this was honestly the perfect place to hold an intimate gig. Sat in the rows looking upon what I assume was the alter I was blown away with the incredible musicians! First on was an incredible Merseyside based band called ‘Vynce’, these guys really caught my attention they are an indie pop group who were honestly so so good, if they ever do some gigs in Liverpool I will be heading down. I can imagine them in years to come to be at Glastonbury, Leeds etc…
Next we then had the headlining act who were ‘Formation’. These where so good and really put on a  show, the soul in the singer as well as the other musicians really was spectacular you could clearly tell they were so deeply devoted to the music they make. One key thing I loved about formation wasn’t just the singer jumping onto the drummer set but was that throughout many songs he brought out a ‘Cow-bell’ I think this is what they are called but don’t hold me to it, this is what I called the instrument in year 9 music classes. If you listen to their new song ‘Drugs’ you’ll be bale to hear it throughout.
The gig was honestly a beautiful intimate session of really good music and good people! I love the event and will be 100% attending next year.

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