The Perfect Purple

Now guys todays post may not interest you all, especially if your hair isn’t blonde, bleach or grey. But  honestly I’m writing this because months and months ago I was someone who needed help with purple shampoo. Yes you read that right this is a post all about shampoo. I’m mentioning everything from the good, the bad and the awful smelling ones.

Starting with the Lush Daddy – O Shampoo Buy Here | This shampoo I was so excited to try because it’s from Lush and lets be reaL, When has Lush ever created a shit product? NEVER is the answer. So  while I invested in this slightly pricey shampoo I couldn’t wait to just get home and wash my greasy mess of a hairstyle. Now I’m the kinda girl that if I want something I want it straight away. But while reading most shampoos need to be used for around 2-3 weeks to see a difference. I thought okay cool I’ll give the incredible parma violet smelling goo a go for around a month. I used every last drop of it and I still could not see a difference in the tone of my very much brassy hair! I was gutted this product didn’t work out for me. But this shampoo is actually my favourite to date as it is honestly a wonderful shampoo it just didn’t give me that cool blonde I longed for.
Next I have the Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo (Buy Here) | This is something I had such high hopes for as I’ve seen American Beauty Vloggers bleach their hair from brown to orangey/yellow, wash their hair with this and it be completely grey. I honestly thought if I sat with this on for 20 minutes I was going to have pointers worthy hair. Sadly I was wrong. Nothing happened apart from my hair smelt like an old woman that I ended up re-washing my hair the next morning because the smell was so unpleasant. I’m not sure if there is something different about this product compared to the American one or wether it was a botched one I was sold. I just know that this product was the biggest beauty let down to date and now I’m stuck with this huge bottle in my bathroom cabinet.
Time for a goodie Bleach London Silver Shampoo (Buy Here) | Now I’m sure if your someone who’s really into hair dying and doing something crazy to your hair you will have heard of this brand. They sell incredible dye and yes a perfect purple shampoo. Their’s is called the Silver Shampoo and is said to ‘dismiss brassy tones and eliminate unforgivable yellow’. YAS this is what I need! So I grabbed two bottles and gave it ago. It does what it says on the tin, it really does work. Only down side is that it does leave your finger nails stained and your hands looking a little lifeless of the tint but if your not bothered it’s all groovy. One thing I really don’t like however is the smell, most purple shampoos have this smell and I can’t explain it but it really gets up my nose and makes me pull a sour face. It doesn’t stop me from using it as when my hair is dry it actually smells really nice but in the bottle it is just super strong.

Now for the best System Professional Silver Blond Shampoo (Buy Here) | This has now become my favourite purple shampoo ever… It smells incredible, is super pigmented meaning it gives my hair that silver touch, doesn’t leave my nails lilac. It’s an over all winner. I buy this product from my hair dressing salon which is Sassoon Salon in the Liverpool Metquarter (there are a lot around the uk and even abroad). Now the only one downside of this product is how much it is. For a shampoo it is a pretty penny of £16.40. Which for me who usually buys like a £5 shampoo this is expensive. But it works and it is why I will continue to repurchase it. Now if you can get yourself to a Sassoon Salon I found that it is on BeautyBay at a reduced price of £11.38, so if you wanna test this out I’d grab it from here.
Finally I have one last product but it isn’t a shampoo and yes I know this is just about purple shampoos but hey I’m showing you her younger sister… It is the Hair Is Fabric Anti-brass Support (Buy Here) |  This is a royal blue (dunno why because it is a toning product so you assume purple) conditioning treatment. I use this in between using my purple shampoos and sometimes your hair can grab to the tint and become lavender. Leave it on for around 10 minutes and then wash out with cool water, Honestly now I’m use to the result but when I first used it I was in such shock at how much this worked on the colour of my hair. Apart from toning it my hair was silky soft, it felt like I had just walked out of a salon. Now this is expensive but for a two in one product of a toner and a conditioning treatment it is well worth the price tag.


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