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This week I decided I’m finally going to tell you my huge secret I’ve kept for 4 years and that is how I to rid of my acne! DUN DUN DUUUUUU! Yes When I was around 14 I had acne till I was 16 it was the worst thing ever I felt in my eyes. I was a greasy, now spotty faced nerdy teenage girl with a sweeping fringe lol. But this post isn’t about laughing at myself (even though I wish it was). I’m going to tell you about the products I used at the time to keep them away.

If you didn’t know acne usually comes in your younger teenage years and then your later years 19, 20, 21 etc. This isn’t a constant but it’s mostly likely to happen and since I watched this happen to my brother I was assuming I was also destined for a second round acne arcadia. I feel like I have some good knowledge to share as I spent two years trying every single product under the sun and spending a lot of money, well my parents. So first off I’d say go to your doctors and ask them to assess your face, acne isn’t just one particular thing there are many types of acne. For me I had one which was under the skin, so yes I has rough, bumpy skin with a few added spots on the top. This meant that it wasn’t makeup or my sweeping fringe causing it to progress. However I did decide to get rid of my fringe because having oily skin and a fringe isn’t a pleasant combination.
After trying awful alcoholic solutions (NEVER USE THESE) from the doctors, my face was worse it was more red just with less oil. It hurt every time I moisturised and I couldn’t wear makeup. I then heard about ‘Duac Cream’, a few girls in my school year where using it and swore by it. For me I liked it it got rid of my spots and slightly helped my acne I felt like it worked and I was about to become a clear faced babe. But no my skin ended up getting use to the product that it basically repelled it and it stopped working. After this I decided to go to a very far extent which was convincing my mum and the doctors that I should have tablets to help my skin. This was a decision I thought about even though I knew the consequences such as getting horrific infections, throwing up and excruciating stomach pain. I honestly didn’t care I just wanted to have nice skin. So after trying these tablets for a total of 24 hours I decided to stop because they were like little pills from hell that when inside it was like they came alive and started punching your stomach. They gave me the worst pain ever, I was brought to tears and that brought the end.

Now so far we are reach close to having acne now for 2 years and in these years I have probably tried hundreds of pounds worth of products aimed at getting rid of spots, all the brands which promised to get rid of my spots just didn’t. I begged my mum to buy me ridiculously priced products because I honestly thought if they are expensive it means they must work? right, nope. This made me realise that it’s my skin and I just need to try different solutions to get rid of them. So I went stone cold and washed my face with only water and used moisturiser. As you can guess it didn’t work. I used witch hazel as a ‘toner’ and this worked a little but not enough it was also extremely harsh so I do not suggest doing so. I used tooth paste all those myths you read on the internet about getting rid of spots. Now some honestly work and some are just big fat fibs.

At this point I was about to give up and one day my mum came home with some products that I honestly turned my nose up at I was like mum this is going to be rubbish its’ Boots own. I remember it so perfectly how stupid I  was, I ended up giving it a go after my mum explained to me it had ingredients within the product which help spotty skin and honestly it was like magic. I woke up and my face was noticeably clearer. I continued using the products till they were all gone and after I didn’t by any more till about 2 years later when I was 18 and had a few spots. Who knows maybe it was just time that my acne f*cked off or maybe it was the product it’s a mystery. All I know is that even today I use them when I’m spotty and it helps then disappear.

Now I’m sure you like c’mon and hurry up and tell us what they. So here you go *drum roll* ‘Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel’ I don’t think that this is the official name but its a good guess. Here’s a link to the Boots page where you can search the pages filled with the goodies that I think helped solve my skin problems…

Check It All Out Here


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