Pack With Me For New York | Tips & Tricks

Now for you guys who follow me on every social media platform you will already know I have been counting down the days until New York. However if you don’t and you’re new here, Hello I’m Erin and I’m off to NYC in a few days.
A few months back I watched a video by MoreMartasLife (link) on a video on how she packed for her summer holiday! It was full of incredible ideas which made me think about what I do to pack easier and take everything I need.
So today I’m going to be passing on na few of my tips and what I’m actually taking because face it my case is going to be half empty for all that shopping in NYC.


1. Roll your clothes, it stops creasing and means you can squeeze more in.

2. Pack toiletries in the middle, your clothes protect all your compact makeup.

3. Squeeze the air out of liquid bottles to avoid spills.

4. Shoes around the outside so soles do not dirty clothes.

5. Pre-pack don’t do it the day before and forget your suncream!

6. Mix and match you don’t need a different jacket for everyday 

7. Always weigh your case, air lines can be very strict

8. Make sure that clear bag in your hand luggage is clear if not they can ask you not to take it through leaving behind your makeup.

9. Fill empty spaces. you can store your sicks and underwear in your shoes.

10. Make sure your boyfriend is taking less so you can pack in his case lol.

So yes I do understand that I am going away to an incredible city filled with beautiful architecture, an incredible skyline and yes lots of shops. I will be shopping I’m sure like cmon it’s me! So in my case I’m carrying as little makeup as possible, I always go away with eyeshadow choices but this is a big no no! One neutral palette alone with one of everything I actually need. I’m sure I do not need an army of nude lipsticks. Plus if I really do Sephora has my back. When travelling only take what you really need. so the basically foundation, concealer, brows and mascara. Then a little liner if you want.

For clothing Im taking three pairs of shoes, 2 comfy and then a nicer pair for when we go out of an evening in the big city! Clothing will be a capsule wardrobe (yes I’m giving it another go) with mix and match ensembles. Jackets? 1. And Ill wear that to the air port along with one of the three shoes. Emptier suit case means more shopping duh.

For my hair I could properly get away with leaving it natural everyday but me and Alex are going to broad way so I might bring my straighteners for a straight or wavy option.

To be honest this is pretty much it! I’m really testing my self to take as less as possible as I always take too much especially in the beauty department. 

Hope you guys found this post helpful! P.S don’t worry I’m still uploading on all social media and blog while at NYC!

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