Last Of Your Summer Days

We all felt it on August 1st, that sudden dread that Summer is nearly over and we’ll soon be returning back to work or education. This rubbish ritual comes around every year and reminds us that for most of Summer all we have done is sleep, eat, moan about the weather and binge watch Netflixs, well I know I have anyway. Well today I’m here reminding myself and you guys my readers what we can do with our last few days of freedom. Now I know a lot of my readers are not from my home town Liverpool but even if you’re not don’t worry I’m sure there will be a few things on the list which can apply to your amazing city too.

1. Visit your local library and get lost within a book
2. Try revisiting a school trip and get back to the incredible museums
3. See what new restaurants have opened up in town. My favourites are Maray and Mowglis!
4. Get ahead for uni or work set up camp in a local coffee shop and get your head down
5. Get to the Shipping Forecast for a Pill Box Vintage Fair
6. Go to Bongos Bingo, trust me this isn’t for pensioners
7. Open your eyes at the Open Eye Gallery
8. Do some Yoga at White Wolf
9. Get to the Outdoor Cinema at Botanic Garden
10. Get ready for Octoberfest with Independent Liverpool Find Out More Here!
11. Have an ice cream at the Albert Docks
12. See some sites on the Liverpool wheel
13. Buy a homeless person breakfast on your way to work
14. Stroll from Otterspool to the Docks
15. Sit in Sefton Park all day
16. Write a diary about your summer so far
17. Sort out your clothes and donate to charities
18. Re-read your favourite book
19. Spend as much time as you can with friends and family before your back to work or school
20. Make the most of your last days and throw a party!


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