Shake Your Tail Feather | Independent Liverpool

So last weekend I had a bit of a dance lesson from some sassy samba dancers down at the Independent Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. It was great, me and Alex spent the day in the sunshine filling our tummy’s with the great food Liverpool has to offer washed down by the delicious gin cocktails I dream over while writing this post (lol I’m no alcoholic, they were seriously good). Then when the shade started to set in we went inside and watched a great show of incredible samba dancers shaking their tail feathers to the ‘Mersey Beat’ drums, like what I did there…

Of course I’m sure most of you know about Independent Liverpool, the duo are all over our city spreading the word on great food, shops, secret hiding spaces oh and pubs, we love a good drink up here. Well they started doing season festivals so they can gather the population of Liverpool in a warehouse and have a gin and jive. Thats exactly what we done.
Aside from the amazing food supplied by great places such as Maray (my fave), Free State Kitchen, Laura’s Little Bakery and Little Furnace, we all know we go there for the amazing atmosphere also! It’s been said before that us Scousers are friendly but get us all in a room and we become part of the furniture like we’ve known each other for years.
“What actually happens at these events” I hear you ask through your computer screen well I’m here to tell you. 1. Theres bar tenders going around with prosecco in a trolly on ice so you never have to get up and go the bar, or if you can’t stand because you’re too drunk. 2. There’s rumour that a congo started that weekend, who doesn’t love a good congo? 3. Make sure you’ve got your red shoes on because your guaranteed a dance. 4. You come with one friend and leave with ten. 5. No chance will you ever ever leave with an empty belly.

You’re probably wondering also why I’m telling you about this because I’m sure a lot of you guys don’t live in Liverpool, I know a lot of my readers are from outside Liverpool which is incredible. But if you have been with me from day 1 of Bitchin’Blonde you’ll know how much of a proud Scouser I am.   This is just a little insight as to some of the incredible things my beautiful city has to offer. So if you find yourself with a weekend off work get down here and make sure you check out the Independent Liverpool website, the guys will hook you up on where to go and what to eat…


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