My Capsule Wardrobe | FAIL

If you have been reading my blog for a few months now you might have seen a post I wrote about starting a ‘capsule wardrobe’. I was doing this to test myself to see if I could 1. save money but 2. to actually wear the clothes I have in my wardrobe. Of course you guessed by the title of this post, I failed. Miserably. I was going well for around about three weeks (I know how crap lol) and then the urge to ASOS online shop hit me when I seen so many beautiful dresses come into stock. I was weak, oh so weak and started aggressively clicking and before I knew it I had 3 ASOS parcels turn up at my door. From then I blocked out my guilty feelings of failing this challenge because I was so happy with my pretty new purchases. I basically just forgot to return to my idea of a capsule wardrobe because too many amazing items came into the shops. I honestly wish this was something I was able to do but my love for clothes fought over my idea of wearing what I have as I though I could wear this new top with old jeans and so on… Maybe in the future when I’m buying a house and have to do some serious budgeting I will hopefully be able to do this as it is a great way of saving some pennies. However for now I’m still a fashion student living in a shopaholics world…

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