Beauty Lessons I Learnt As A Teen

I’m sure we all have those pictures of ourselves wearing a ridiculous blue shadow and a barbie pink lip. I know I have. Well if it wasn’t for all those beauty bust ups I wouldn’t have learnt to match myself to the right foundation and that red glitter gloss isn’t a ‘thing’. Today I’ll be telling you all the things I’ve learnt through my teen years when it came to experimenting with makeup…

Starting with the main thing I’m sure most off you can relate to with me. DONT OVER PLUCK YOUR BROWS. This will be a bigger regret than any of your future life decisions. It haunts you like a bad tattoo. Mine even though I over plucked about 6 years ago never grew back fully. Even being fair I still had thick brows but now I find myself constantly filling them in, having them tinted. If there is any piece of advice I can give to any of my readers is do not over pluck and find an eyebrow specialist who knows what they are doing.
Next I’d say match your foundation and if you can’t do it, ask for help thats why people work on makeup counters to help you…I always bought that Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse which 1. isn’t for oily skin so there was a big no no for me. But 2. I bought it in a shade which was 3 shades too dark for me because I wanted to be tanned and I assumed a darker foundation magically tanned my entire body. Well it doesn’t you become a walking cheese puff.
Thirdly I’ve gotta say this is a biggie and I didn’t realise how important this was. Properly remove all makeup and make sure all black liner and mascara is completely removed otherwise you’ll wake up with very sore eyes. Also leaving foundation and other face products on the skin just causes open pores to become clogged and your skin just transforms into a spotty sanctuary.
Moisturise twice a day. My mum always taught me that if I moisturise everyday and night my skin will stay ‘fresh’ and young. Since I started to wear makeup I’ve always moisturise before and after removing it. This my mum swears by and hey all mums are right aren’t they?
You don’t suit silver eyeshadow and never will. This took me a long time to grasp. I always see beautiful pigmented foiled eyeshadows in stores and I always want to buy them but as soon as I try a silver shadow it looks just out of place on my face and it took me a long time to realise that it just didn’t suit my colouring.
Don’t over straighten your hair or curl it too much. It ends up being super dead and looking pretty dry and damaged. When I was younger I cut my hair a lot and realised I wanted to grow it super long so I conditioned my hair constantly done hair masks and had regular cuts on it. When I wanted it curly I’d use sleep in rollers instead of heated ones.


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