Summertime Sadness

It’s nearly the middle of June and the weather in Liverpool has been totally cr*p. So far all I have seen for the past two weeks is a hell of a lot of rain, puddles turning to pools and clouds as dark as my under eye circles. All year I have been waiting to get out some bright orange toned nudes and some risky reds, however the weathers seems to be stopping me but this doesn’t stop me sharing them with you! So I’ve had a rummage through my collection and dug out my favourite lipsticks for summer. I’ve got my stash to around about three collections of colours so Ill start off with the lightest which is of course my nudes. I love nude lipsticks and I wear them all year round and just change uP my shade for a more browny one in winter and a more orange one in the summer. 

I’ve always loved ‘Peachstock by MAC since I set eyes on Carli Bible wearing it! It was a struggle to get it as a friend had to bring it back from America but it was so worth it! Its a real rich orange with subtle undertones of orange! My next nude is NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in ‘Cario’ I’ve seen this one floating around on Instagram and on a few people it looks like a the perfect original nude, however with me being so pale nudes usually come up quiet orange on me which I don’t mind at all! This one defiantly does. 

Next I have a colour I never normally wear but since I found these two beauties at NYX I’ve been head over heels. Pale mauve pinks are just a thing right now! I’m literally in LOVE. My two favourites are the NYX Soft Matte LipCreams in ‘Cannes’  and NYX Lingerie in 06.

Next I have my risky to scared to dare lipstick, which I’m sure you can tell is the colour red! I’ve got ‘Lady Danger’  by MAC and then Siren In Scarlet by Maybelline from their Mattes Collection. I’ve sworn this summer to get out there and be a bit braver and bolder with my lipsticks. 

All Lipsticks are a matte formula as Summer is supposed to be hot and I don’t want my lipstick slipping and sliding all over my face lol. 


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