Mowgli Street Food | Review

So it has been a long time since I done a review of an independent restaurant in my city and frankly it’s because I haven’t really been out much to eat. I was busy finishing uni and have a moment to myself. but recently I was very lucky to have been treated to a birthday mean by my two best friends (thanks guys). They took me to Mowgli on Bold Street, I had been before however it was for a quick lunch break, so I didn’t delve into anything super crazy. But these two were well in keep with the menu and advised me and all sorts! We shared the well known ‘Himalayan Cheese Toast’ which has such a spin and the traditional cheese on toast it’ll blow your mind. We also had a tray of ‘Yoghurt Chat Bombs’ which they didn’t stop going on about to me and when I had a tasted I understood why. To top of our sharing platter we devoured the ‘Bombay Chip Butty’ which is now a current favourite which I will 100% be going back to get. We then all split off into our own dishes and I chose the ‘Calcutta Tangled Greens’ I honestly can’t tell you what’s in this I have no idea but I ate it all so it shows how good it was…
Staff were lovely and present and had that chilled layed back approach which I like, we were treated at the end by the waitress bring us over our ‘Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Ice-cream’ it was insane. Even though I was completed stuffed of this tapas style indian restaurant of course me being me I made room for desert.  I’m such a huge fan of anything sweet so testing out the deserts is a huge thing for me. I’d probably go as far to say I’d go in on a hot sunny day and ask for this as a take away option! it does come complete in a come anyway so…
If you guys are a huge fans of indian cusine I suggest checking this ‘shabby chic’ – very ‘instagramable’ restaurant. Also if you’re a gin lover like me check out ‘Mowgli’s Gin’, it’s a refreshing twist on the classic ‘Gin and Tonic’.


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