Festival Favourite

Festival season is well underway as we’ve had Liverpool Sound City, Park Life, Isle of White and I’m sure many more I haven’t even heard of. I myself am off to Glastonbury festival in only 9 days so I have been shopping around here and there picking up a few pieces. My top pick for festival season however is the 90s grunge styled crochet tops, dresses the lot. I think crochet can be so flattering on all body shapes and sizes as it mostly is super tight fitted and body hugging. I bought this black suede patch crochet dress from Missguided as I felt it was appropriately fitting to the festival fashion style. But the main reason why I loved this dress was because it has that grunge element to it which I love. At Glastonbury I think I will be pairing it with some little black shorts underneath and a bra let top as crochet can be very ‘holey’. The second item I picked up which features this crochet style is a white flow bell sleeve playsuit, also from Missguided. This is more on the girly side but it has that 70s flare I also like. This is tight fitted and really flattering as it fits perfectly in all the right places. I will pair this with a fedora hat and a fringe waistcoat I think unless it’s super heavy rain and I’m stuck wearing a huge waterproof to hide this piece. This is a universal summer piece and I will defiantly be taking it away with me to New York at the end of summer.
On Wednesday I will be uploading a Misguided haul were you can see more about these pieces.
Watch My Missguided Haul Here!

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