Bitchin’ DIY | 90s Grunge Jacket

As I’m sure you have all seen if you have recently been into Zara (main culprit) that the 90s Grunge patchwork style is back in full force. There is jackets, bags, skirts blouses and much more. I’ve some items to be super expensive which I think is a bit of a con so I decided to make my own. Also because most of the patch work clothing I have seen I really don’t like it, its got a “good vibes only” on it it isn’t for me. The jacket I used was vintage and cost me around £20 and then I bought some patches from vintage shops but also online at Amazon who have a ton of suppliers. It does get a little pricey buying all of them however it means you get to make your own item and have something personal. All my patches were Iron on but I suggest you take the time to sew them on just for extra security. Hope you guys enjoy this really simple but on trend short and simple post!

See you Monday…

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