What I learnt In My First Year Of University |

Recently I finished my first year of university studying Fashion Communication. My first year had many ups and very little downs. Mostly they were minor and it was just me crying and shouting at my reflection in the mirror when I’d forgot to do something or the photography studio was fully booked (people in my year you can all relate to my pain). So today here I am sharing with you some experiences about how I felt starting uni and how I feel now my first year has ended!

1. You realise that not everyone is like you and your ‘home friends’. Don’t take this as a negative if someone doesn’t understand your sense of humour that you and your bestie have, or your accent for that matter

2. If you stay in your home city like me you are going to be asked a thousand times to say things your peers find funny. “Go on say… ‘Steven Gerrard’, ‘Gis a can of coke’, ‘Chicken’, ‘Liverpool’ (which for some reason everyone thinks it’s Liverpooooool)

3. You also become a tour guide

4. You are not going to be friends with everyone, get over it

5. Personally I realised that the ‘uni life’ isn’t for me, I don’t fancy £5 nights out drink electric blue drinks. I’m more of a home girl

6. Your gonna level it with your tutor on a day to day basis. “Please just tell me if this is shit” 

7. When people ask what you do and you say Fashion and the answer is “Oh your course must be so easy”. No however this does make me wanna punch you in the face

8. Yes lectures are important and you need to attend, sorry. 

9. There becomes a point when the fashion student is no longer fashionable

10. You actually get bored when your not in uni, well for me anyway

11. You will be judged

12. You are not going to make a new best friend friendship circle in a month as much as you’d like to
13. Leaving an hour early is like Christmas coming at once
14. The grief caused by buying fabric
15. The sentence “Make sure you eject that USB” should be the 13 stones Moses read from. 

Starting uni I was scared on making friends wether my whole class would think I’m some common robbing rough girl which honestly after doing my first project I realised that most people do have a preconceived idea about Liverpool, but I don’t think any had this opinion of me anyway (I hope). 

Leaving uni I’ve had some laughs some cries and found common ground with many peers. I’m still word vommiting due to being nervous but hopefully as the months go on my shell will crack. Also I’m kinda missing the pressure of uni work I’ve had nearly a month away and I’m already itching to get back to the studio.


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