Morphe 12NB | Review

This week guys I’m bring you a little hidden gem that needs a home in your makeup kit! A while a go I was shopping on beauty bay for a few lipsticks and remembered all the great reviews I had heard on the Morphe eyeshadow palettes, eager to try one out I had a little look at what ones were available and I honestly did want the 350 palette but I could not justify that many eyeshadows as beautiful as it is! So I opted for this travel friendly one, the 12 NB palette. All colours I knew I’d wear and I could give it a good home in my suitcase this summer as I’m travelling a little bit.

When it arrived I was so excited I tried it the next morning, now unsure what base I needed to use I stuck to my trusty MAC paint pots but I’ve now came to realise that this was a big mistake as the eyeshadows literally stuck to the base like glue that it made it virtually impossible to blend them out. Disappointed instantly I unloved this palette and all the great reviews of Morphe I felt where a lie. I then went on to watch some Youtube videos of people putting Morphe to the test in a ‘Get Ready With Me’ etc. I noticed that one didn’t use a base at all so I thought I’d give it another go just a week later and that was about two weeks ago now and  since the beginning of April I haven’t put this palette down! I have now grown to love it and I’ve realised for me its not going to be a couple with the MAC paint pots but I will try it out with some other bases to see if it lasts longer but yesterday I had shadows from this palette on from 9:00AM – 11:00PM and they were still pretty damn perfect so I don’t think a base is an essential!

My favourite shades in this palette have to be the orange/red brick shade (7th in the palette) I’ve been wearing this smoked out underneath my eyes and I adore it as it is not too harsh but adds that subtle grunge that I like. I also love the one next to it (8th) which is a red/brown glitter shade which I use all over my lid for a more night time look. That shade paired with the last shade in the palette the red burgundy is just perfect and gives me that perfect heavy eye look without using any black shadows.

See you on Monday


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  1. Emilina
    June 3, 2016 / 10:35 pm

    Good to hear these kinds of reviews! I love the sound of the palette and knowing it's not essential to have the pots as this is always a thing people will assume and needlessly buy.. Enjoy the review Emily x

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