Home Haul

So guys if you have been following me on twitter (@tisdaleerin) you will see that at the moment I’m pretty addicted to buying homeware as I’m currently stealing my brother old bedroom for an office/filming space (yes youtube is coming and much more). So I’ve decided to acquire a lot more pointless things to fill it up as I think I’m slitty addicted to interior shopping oops. I’ve gotta say we’ve got a lot to get through!
I’ve bought myself some knew cushions from H&M as I’d seen many bloggers from Lily Melrose to Vivianna Does makeup rave on about to cool unique patterns! I picked up a pretty plain grey aztec one but also this cute little quote one! This quote is from one of my favourite bands The Beatles but I also thought it was cute and kind of gets me excited for the summer sunshine. Sticking with H&M I picked up some old style picture frames, I did get two sizes but I’m showing you the smallest one, 1. because its super cute but also because it fits in polaroids perfect! So maybe if your looking for a way to display a really special polaroid this frame may be an option for you. I then picked up a plate which I know is kind of a strange thing to buy since I don’t have my own house but I thought it was really cool as a background for blog pictures. I also picked up this mental basket which I planed holding a plant in but I decided to store all my candles in it to keep them tidy!
Then I think the majority of the stuff I bought is from Primark Home. I got two candles one again was inspiration from Lily Melrose as she showed a candle but spoke about the cool design on the pot it was in and I thought this would be a nice holder for little bits and bobs and jewellery. The next is an amazing smelling sea salt and lavender, I haven’t burnt mine but my mum got one too and sadly I’ve got to say when burnt you really can’t smell anything, but oh well it was only £1. Peg and elephant both from Primark again I picked up the peg in black and white as I though they would be cute picture holder but also a reminder board that I can pop notes in that are urgent, that means notes that say go and eat some cake and be happy lol. Elephant I’m not exacted sure what I was thinking but I thought it was cool with the dented metal effect, I’m sure i’ll find a home. I then only yesterday picked up this reversible bedding, one side is striped the other is an uneven polka dot design which I really like due to the imperfect circles which I know is strange but its more satisfying than the average perfect pattern.
Last stop on my home haul was TK MAXX (thanks Abbie you bad influence) Here I went insane and grabbed potentially silly things like ‘moving out presents’ if they exist and kitchen appliances! All of which I have convinced myself will come in handy. So while I was drifting around the kitchen area of TK MAXX I noticed they had a little stationary section which was super cheap and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find it. I grabbed a weekly planner and a photo album for me and Alex to make a scrap book this summer.

See you on Monday


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