Mom Jeans

So I’m back with another staple item for you guys and this of course by the title is all about a good’ol pair of jeans. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t own a pair in their wardrobe, I know my self I own about 5 pairs which have all been loved to death and some are in a sorry state. They are a must have, the go to and the day saver, we all have those mornings where we wake up 40 minutes late no time to choose what to wear and grab are most trusted item, for me it’s jeans and I’m sure for many of you it is to.
Today I am showing you guys a pair I picked up a while ago, these ASOS own ‘MOM Jean’ are an incredible quality and are very heavy and thick which shows the quality instantly. I used to constantly go to Topshop for my jeans as their sizes always fitted me but the quality as I’m sure most know is really crappy, they fade and honestly most aren’t even of a denim material. These super high waisted jeans were exactly what I was looking for as I want high waisted jeans to actually be up by my belly button not below it.
I’ve got to admit though the fit of these wasn’t like Topshop ones at all they were still too large in the waist but I wasn’t shaming myself by ordering a smaller size and not being able to pull them up past my knees, lol. I honestly don’t mind it though, I expect this when I buy high waisted clothing (damn you large hips of mine). But honestly it’s not like they are going to fall down.

See you on Friday
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