92 Degrees Coffee | Review

So as I have hinted on my Instagram account – BitchinBlonde_, that I will be doing a review on 92 Degrees Coffee, (situated between Hardman street and Hope street) well the long wait has finally ended. I’ve been a few times and inhaled a lot of cake and tea and I’ll still be going back for more. This cool atmosphere is so pleasant there are so many people there catching up with old friends, working, business meetings and dates. The incredibly relaxing environment is exactly what I like and the staff are as sweet as the smoothies! The layout and interior of this cute coffee shop is just so romantic and reminds me of those places you see in a film when soul mates first meet at coffee shops lol. Also inside there is a super long table where you could end up sitting next to anyone and I kind of like this as I think it is a great way of meeting new people and socialising over your same choice of cake. Hey you might meet of the love of your life from your love for coffee.

I first tried the incredible Guiness cake and how I wish I had the recipe to share with you guys! If you go and they have this get it because there nothing that compares to their creamy icing! Plus they don’t always sell it as they change up whats on offer! Which I like because lets be honest I like a lot of cake. Second time I went I had the Victoria sponge cake which had white chocolate and fudge, a twist on a classic and how delicious it was! Alex wanted some, we fought over it, Erin doesn’t share food lol. Next time I go I 100% need to try a smoothie they looked so damn good! So do the bagels for that matter. The tea was perfect I got around three cups which satisfied my tea craving. Everything is presented so nicely without doing that stupid small posh portion thing, you know what I mean.

 I honestly have 0 faults this place it’s great and I have only recommendations. I feel that this place and its sofa is my next hiding spot for some time alone to crack on with blog posts or doing uni work! If you want good cake and surprising company then you need to check out 92 Degrees Coffee.

See you on Monday…


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