50 Shades Of Grey | Hair

So if you guys have been following me on twitter (tisdaleerin) you will know that I have been longing after grey hair for many many months. Well they day finally came when I grew the balls and made the appointment. I wasn’t scared of the change but I was scared on the bleach as I had heard far too many horror stories on bleaching your hair! This is what put me off for so long as I honestly thought my hair would just fall out or end up like straw. But I over came this with a motto I often go by (cringe) “I’d rather regret the thing I’ve done than not done” this does lead for some demagogues decisions but always fun ones, lol. So you guys may be thinking ‘why grey hair?’ I suppose some will think that I am following a trend out there that having grey hair is stylish. But it is something I like because its a cooler shade of blond hair as I really grew to dislike my yellow blonde locks. I honestly can say from the moment Sam uncovered the mirror to now say here with my hair scrapped in a messy bun, I love my grey hair! Nothing has made  me feel so confident, I no longer have to edit my hair to look a cooler tone on Instagram lol.

So I had my hair done a few weeks ago now and it’s still cool as ever and I have washed it a few times. I was there from around 10-3 is, it is a long process but bleaching your hair is not something you want to rush. You want it to evenly strip the colour from your hair without it going patchy or orange. So Sam bleached it in three different sections; roots, middle and end. The bleach I thought was going to sting my scalp however she used a gel bleach which was a lot more gentle on my scalp. After washing the bleach off I could feel my hair and straight away I was relieved at how soft it was and can I add my hair hadn’t been conditioned and it felt completely normal not like stringy spaghetti at all! She did let me sit with purple shampoo on for around 5 minutes to tone the hair a little but my hair lifting to a white blonde anyway.

We then went on to add the dye the most exciting part me and Sam both couldn’t wait to wash it off to see the result! The dye is very cold compared to the hot bleach you’ve had on but this isn’t uncomfortable at all it feels strange but it wasn’t alarming! So after washing off the dye Sam fully washed and conditioned my hair. She then covered up the mirror as this was a big change for me it was like a complete make over! She cut, blew and styled my hair perfectly I don’t even need to tell her she knows exactly how I like it plus I trust her! She a hair expert!

It was then time to reveal… Of course I loved it and I can’t thank Sam enough for the incredible job she has done on my hair! Best ever. Over on Sam’s Instagram (Samanthahairmakeup) you’ll be able to see each step, from my hair to my new hair. So thank you Sam for making me love my hair! Also a big congratulations to you in your new work place! Best of luck…

See you on Friday!



  1. Mel Davies
    April 6, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    You hair looks INCREDIBLE! It really suits you, and it looks gorgeous paired with this lipstick!Lilies and Lipbalmxx

    • Erin Tisdale
      April 8, 2016 / 8:01 am

      Thank you so much! Lipstick is 'Creme In Your Coffee' by MAC paired with MAC's 'Half Red' lipliner! x

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