Why I Love Liverpool

As you guys will have guessed I am an extremely proud scouser! I would say I’m a tiny bit biased but Liverpool is by far my favourite City ever. I wanted to show you guys my 3 favourite spots/hiding places in Liverpool were I love to escape to when things are creeping on top of me. 

1. My ultimate favourite hiding place in Liverpool, the Albert Dock. A way I would have to describe it is by a quote from one of my favourite books ‘The Great Gatsby’, “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” The Docks is always so busy you can never be alone but strangely it’s the place I go to, to escape reality.  I’m sure that even if you are not from Liverpool you will have heard of the famous Albert Docks, which in the war was used to import supplies to the city, it also was a place for boats to base. Unfortunately this made the Albert Dock a target and it really suffered along with other great buildings in Liverpool during the May Blitz. The Docks where re-built in the 80s and re-opened. Something I am extremely grateful for as for me the Docks are apart of my heritage, I’m here nearly every weekend for the art, the culture or even taking blog photos. The docks is so beautiful and picturesque and is a great way to see all the city. You can gaze upon the Liverbuildings from here but also the Anglican Cathedral, a beautiful piece of gothic architecture. For me it is really hard to some up why the Albert Dock is so incredible it holds a piece of my heart and I honestly can’t express enough that if you are in Liverpool you need to visit the Docks. 

2. Calderstones park, located right next door to my old secondary school, this park has all my childhood memories locked within it. From where I fell in a pond, burnt my bum on a bike tire, lol and also where my dad taught me how to ride my bike at the grand old age of 10 (I was a slow learner). No matter where I end up in my life I hope that some day I will be able to show my children this park and have them play just as I did. This park is incredible and homes beautiful gardens but also hiding places. One of mine is a bench which sits on top of a hill. Now I’m sure if you are familiar with this park you’ll be able to pin point this bench it’s very much in the open and was a ‘meeting point’ of after school hours, lol. 

3. The many museums of Liverpool, all of which I have visited over 100 times and still get as excited as I did the first time I visited. I can’t even pick a favourite from the three but if you have one day in Liverpool you HAVE to get your self to the museums as you will be able to see and learn everything amazing about this city. I like to just wonder around them on my days off and remind myself that I come from a pretty incredible city. I couldn’t pick my favourite but the ‘new’ museum located on Liverpool’s waterfront is pretty damn good as it kind of takes you through Liverpool in a chronological order plus when you get the the musical part containing everything ‘Beatlemania’ they’ve got a karaoke room, now come on what museums have a room where you can go in and sing all songs written by insane Scousers. From Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Atomic Kitten, we have a wide range of music all born from one of the greatest cities in the world. Also the pretty big collection of Beatles memorabilia is pretty mind blowing and it makes me incredibly happy when I hear ‘Here Comes The Sun’ or ‘Come Together’ being screamed from the singing box next door. Nothing makes me feel prouder to be a scouser than learning the history or who I am. 

Liverpool over my childhood has evolved so much and it’s never going to stop being incredible no matter what changes, what’s demolished or what is new. There will always be a part of the old Liverpool mixed with the new which is ultimately makes me so proud to call myself a Scouser. Things have changed a lot if we are comparing my childhood to my parents but Liverpool will always be Liverpool and nothing can take away the great history we have or the insane history we are creating now. Travel Lodge on their website have a part about #evolvingcities including Liverpool so give that a little look’in to see how Liverpool has changed but still managed to stay pretty ‘sick’ Here


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