School Girl Chic | Outfit Of The Day

The preppy school girl look is always something I have admired within fashion but also in my school years. I was fond of wearing a uniform not for the strict school rules purpose but it meant I wasn’t having to choose outfits every morning, lol. When I went to sixth form I actually missed my pleated skirt and over sized blazer.
Uniformity within fashion to me is eye catching and defined by its structure! Structured garments always grab my attention and it is one of the qualities I am excited to see within collections. I will always find my self looking at the structure to see what will be ‘on trend’ this season. For example within boys fashion the structure has changed dramatically and has become very feminine! Which is totes okay with me as I don’t think clothing should be tailored to a gender. Advice for all my readers, ‘Wear what you want and rock it with your confidence’!
Also wearing an outfit inspired by school uniform makes me feel so Wednesday Adams and I feed off of that. It is a way of looking super cute but also incredibly smart and sophisticated. Structured blouses, skirts and pants all give of the “I’ve got my shit organised” kind of vibe. Well for me they make me feel like I have when in reality I really do not. (laughs nervously).

Coat – ASOS

Blouse – Motel

Pinafore Dress – ASOS

Tights – Florence and Fred

Shoes – ASOS (sale)

Backpack – Florelli (at Next)

Shop the look here guys…

See you all Friday, have a lovely week. 

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