Products I Regret Buying

I’m sure we have all experienced that sinking feeling when a beauty product just does not live up the expectations you thought and believed by others opinion’s. For me I love reading reviews on products because I like to know if it’s worth the hype or not. But I also love to read that ‘Products I regret Buying’ tag as your kinda given the heads up of ‘hey don’t waste your pennies’. So today I’m going to give you my guide to not wasting your money on makeup.

Starting with a big shock, Nars Sheer Glow. Over the New Year holiday I had my makeup done at Nars and it was wonderful I was absolutely in love and I recommend going to the Nars counter in Harvey Nicholls (Liverpool). It also meant that I got to try out that ever longing product I had been lusting to get my hands on. Oh how I wish I loved this product but I honestly hate it. I feel that the shade I was matched to may be a little too light for me which is strange as I am white as a sheet. But yes it is too light and on photographs my face glows like a bright beam. It 100% does not photograph well, avoid on nights out if you can! Everything about this product I like but the fact it doesn’t photograph well has really out me off wearing it all together. But of course this product is not cheap at all so I am trying to use it up as a centre highlight for when I’m going out and I know that no pictures will be taken lol. I’ve gotta say I am so let down but this doesn’t put me off Nars I do still love it.
Now onto a product I once loved yet now hate. The Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk (the lightest shade). I have now came to realise that this is far too dark for me and it is still a little too dark even with a tan. I regret buying this because I’m not going to get my moneys worth as I never use it so I will be looking for a new home to pass this along to. I really wish Topshop would extend their collections by creating a bigger shade range as their products are a really really good quality.
Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter oh how I wish I loved you but you just don’t work. I smudges off all other makeup I have on and it is incredibly hard to apply and blend. I have only used this once on holiday when I added this and a little bronzer. This is the only use I feel I will get from the product. Out of 10 I am so disappointed I give it a 1 as ever single product I have bought from Kiko I have only ever had good words to say.
Now this is something I openly wasted my money on as I had heard all the terrible reviews, the MAC Pressed Pigment.When applied by a makeup artist it looked wonderful but from going from the store to my house it was then all over my face in a chunky style. These I don’t know what you can use them for as they are dry and chunky and simply do not compliment your makeup. I am onboard with other opinions I have read online and these are by far the worst shadows I have ever tried!
Now for one product I had heard was good by a famous online source was the Loreal Brow Artist Plumper I had really high hopes but it let me down. My extremely long brow hairs just are not kept in place. I am really looking to try and find a good brow gel so if anyone has any recommendations please leave me a comment below! My brows need to be tamed lol.
Another products which I heard online was good was the Loreal Telescopic Mascara, I thought damn a inexpensive mascara which will complete my dream of feather long lashes. However I ended up with yes extremely long but clumpy lashes which then bled all over the eye area. I’m hoping maybe if this drys out a little it will be better but I’m not betting on it.

Thank you for reading see you on Monday!


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