Gerrard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks | Review

Welcome back guys! Today I have a review on what I think is not possible one of my all time favourite lip products ever! So thank you BeautyBay for making Gerrard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks available to me! But a bigger thank you to my bestie BlushandNoise for gifting me with Iced Mocha – she and the lipstick are a game changer! So I’m going to make this short and sweet and give you guys the 411 that you need to know about these amazing beauties…

Finish – Matte not drying at all but I don’t think I would apply over chapped/dry lips!
Colour – I have Iced Mocha (FIRST PICTURE), Gravity (SECOND PICTURE) and Ruby Slipper (THIRD PICTURE) all three are intense and immense however Ruby Slipper has tiny glitter particles in it, wish I didnt but no biggie. Also as you can tell from the picture it is super patchy so I am now applying a lipstick underneath. Which yes it does suck!
Long Lasting – I never re apply on a night out where I have been drinking and eating so yeah if you forget to pack it in your handbag, don’t worry its got your back.
Price – £9.50, which I think is really good!
Packaging – Matte tube which I like and a average gold top. Nothing special but it isn’t awful.
Stars – (1 bad / 5 excellent) – 5/5 the most incredible matte products I’ve ever used on my lips. I know I advertise lots of products on my blog as being amazing and they all are but these are just a little bit more than amazing. Please try or you can borrow mine! #TeamLiquidLipstick! I am disappointed with Ruby Slipper being patchy but the other two have 0 faults, I swear on the beauty bible!

Thank you all for reading my mini review on the Gerrard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks! If you guys do decided to try them or already have tried them! Please let me know by tweeting me BichinBlonde –
@tisdaleerin or hashtag #BitchinBlondeGC



  1. Roisin McDonnell
    March 4, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    Your photography though 👌 LOVED this review, especially because you've split it into different sections/subtitles ✊ Can't wait to try them now 💃 x

  2. Erin Tisdale
    March 8, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Aww thank you Rosie! For me I just wanna know the essentials so I have tried to do that with this post. Remember to let me know your thoughts! Hope you love them x

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