Filter and Fox – Review

Hello guys! today it is ‘Friday’ as I like to call it. One of the best days of the week (as it is cheat day today). So I thought for my next review I wanted to do something sweet. Oh an how I’ve got the “Cherry on top” for you guys.
My friend Abbie (featured in every blog, lol) took me to Filter and Fox or something to eat a few weeks ago and we returned shortly a few days later for our ritual of a tea and cake date. We split two types of cake a hunk of a chunk ‘Red Velvet’ and a ‘Reeses Pieces’ slice. The red velvet cake was by far I think the best I have tasted and the icing wasn’t too ‘cream-cheesey’ or sickly, I honestly think I ended up finishing this slice off (as well as the other slice too, oops). When I return I think I will 100% be getting some of this to take away. Now for the reeses I was so shocked when I tried this as every other peanut-buttery cake I have had has been awful! I mean I have been disappointed by around 3 peanut butter cakes all holding the title of ‘Reeses’. This really earnt the title of a reeses cake as it was just perfect, the right combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Now the icing was a little sickly but this didn’t stop me eating it nor will it stop me going back for more! So far this cake hold first place for it’s recipe of peanut butter.
We then washed all this cake down will the prettiest tea I have ever had. The presentation was so cute and I honestly wanted to ask where the mugs were from but felt like I would be known as that creepy customer, lol. The tea was delicious I have no complaints with the 3 mugs I got from my pot.
I can honestly say there was nothing bad about this place it’s small and intimate will a laid back atmosphere! Feel like this could become a little hiding place for me within my busy city.
Thank you for reading guys! If you are ever in Liverpool check out Filter and Fox at the bottom of Duke street, they do great food as well as cake. Have a nice weekend lovelies.


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