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Hello readers of the earth! Welcome to this weeks blog post it is a second episode to my ‘Style Season’ and of course with the some what dreaded February fourteenth coming I thought why not jump on the band wagon and get the best bits from the holiday. Personally I think it’s a sh*t holiday were people spend money buying unnecessary gifts for loved ones (show the love all year around guys!). An wether you have a partner, a bestfriend or a cat you can still admire the 50 shades of red that appear on our high streets. I am a sucker for the fashion side of this money making holiday so I’ll be admiring the lace underwear and the Lana Del Rey red dresses. It has a very feminine touch which I like but don’t show enough in my wardrobe. The colour red is beautiful and I would like to try and get more of it within my wardrobe so these holidays really do help. So I hope you like my Valentines Inspired Style Season…you can now shop the look AND MORE below.

ASOS Ruby Valentine Body

Free People Shake it Printed Mini long Sleeve Dress

Topshop Scarlet Platform Shoes

Lulu Guinness Small Rita

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