‘Too Thin Model Ban’ | RANT

Hello! Im here on this fine Friday to give you all some ‘food for thought’. Something which for over a month now has been playing on the back of my mind, so I am asking you all nicely to please consider what I am about to say…
I recently read an article on Facebook, honestly any articles I see on Facebook I take no attention unless it’s BuzzFeed, they have some great stuff on their page! So usually I think these sources are unreliable and well, spread a bunch of lies. But this article whether it be true or not really touched a nerve. It was saying that models who are seen to be ‘too thin’ will be banned on French catwalks because they are examples of an unhealthy lifestyle. These poorly judged models will have to prove medically that they are not underweight. This to me is f***ing stupid! Some models are naturally on the slender side and don’t do anything like extreme dieting which could be seen to influence others in a negative way. But if these slender models are all a bad influence aren’t some of the extremely plus size models who (via social media) indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle influencing others, surely this is just as bad as those who are seen to be influencing weight loss as both in extreme fashions can lead to serious and severe health problems… just think about it ?
Also how are you suppose to medically prove your a normal weight for me my BMI in under what it ‘should’ be but this doesn’t for a second determine that I am unhealthy or underweight because I’m not. As a 19 year old girl who comes in the height of 5.3 (and a half can I add) with blue eyes and blonde hair, I am a healthy weight and size for my self none else! Currently learning and and being a current fashion communicator I have realised how corrupt this fashion industry is. In my opinion I think articles like this are just feeding the broken industry and we need to stop judging and caring and let whoever wants to model, model.
Personally I DONT GIVE A DAMN what you look like, if you wanna model you model and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because of the way you look. Discrimination needs to be stopped NOW!


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