Maray – Review

Hello readers and welcome to the second part of my food series on my blog. Today I am reviewing an independent restaurant called ‘Maray’, located on Bold Street (further up from Nolita). Now this place has been here and I’d heard through the grape vine it was pretty damn good. After returning to uni I had a lot of work today so I set up camp inside and was welcomed to use my laptop inside and rob some wifi (thanks btw). So tasted the delicious veggie options, I was not disappointed. I couldn’t remember the last time I read a menu that had such inventive vegetarian options never mind also having vegan ones too. So it was love at first bite. Since then I have been back again to introduce a friend to the delicious dishes.
Me and my friend Izzy went on a Thursday night and it was very busy, Thursdays in Liverpool are a big student night and it’s an early start to the weekend even with work the next day. So we were seated by the bar in the heart of the atmosphere. Izzy took my recommendations and she done that whole cool ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ phrase from the movies, lol.  We split the ‘Falafel Sharer’, a side of ‘Sweet Potato Wedges’ and we got a couscous dish each which unfortunately I can’t find on the menu. But it was a divine twist of seasoned couscous, pomegranates topped with halloumi cheese. (You might be bale to ask for this). We plated up and tucked in till our tummies were full, neither of us had any complaints about the food, the place or the staff everything was so right. The restaurant it’s self is a lovely quiet place with a super chilled atmosphere (my kinda place). Tables are set perfect and it has got a minimal chic look about it from the menus to the tables. Staff again not in your face constantly, an when serving you always with a pleasant smile, a giggle with customers and manners. But in all honestly I feel that all the praise should be shared but maybe a little extra towards the incredible chef! Please come and cook me tea everyday. I’m not sure who he/she is but they are bloody brilliant at their job. Everything just has that wonderful home made fresh edge. I will forever now be dragging my boyfriend, friends and family here and always recommending it to uni students who aren’t sure were to go in Liverpool for food. I would recommend to book though guys because it’s so good they fill up fast. I actually tried to go last night with my boyfriend but of course with it being Valentines day it was super busy! So for the next time me and Alex are on a hungry hunt, I’ll be introducing him to the humous.
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