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Hello my lovely reader’s! This weeks post is something which has been done 101 times by many bloggers and vloggers! But they are my favourite posts to read so I thought why not do my own… It is my ‘Desert Island’ products. Of course I hope non of us would be stuck on a desert island lol, but it’s just a saying for your ultimate items you would take if you had the choice. So for me all the products I’m about to mention are the ones I just can’t live without in my makeup bag! Of course because they are my favourites you will probably have seen these mentioned on my blog or Instagram (BITCHINBLONDE_ – shameless plug). I think these posts are great as you actually get a really true review of a product and you understand it must be something if it’s your desert island item. So here’s mine… I would love to know ours so please comment below so I can test out some new products!

So I have categorised my desert island products for you all and I’m here starting with the face. We have the Nars Creamy Concealer (shade ‘Light 2 Vanilla’). This is just a brilliant product as it covers blemishes and highlights my under eye area! Great for travelling as it is a two in one. Then I have the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (shade ‘Medium Plus’) This shade I use for my contour however if I bought a lighter shade I could use it for a heavy coverage face powder. 

Now for the eyes I had a hard time narrowing it down but I knew straight away brows were important. The only time I will address my self to a stereotype, I am a Scouse bird with Scouse brows, they need to be on ‘fleek’ 24/7. I have the Nars Brow Perfector (shade ‘Kalamata’) This is a subtle ash blonde shade perfect for me as hair has undertones of a dark blonde. I then have the best brow powder known to humans (who draw their brows on, lol) Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake (shade ‘Motto’). For the girls with grey hair or simply love the dark brow you need to try this shade. Now onto the actual eyes… Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash) This sh*t is the bomb, and I can even say its better than the roller lash as it gifts length and volume. I’m a girl who likes to pack a lot of shadow and it was damn hard to narrow down one ultimate eyeshadow so I’ve got two (it is not cheating I swear) I’ve got the MAC Antiqued eyeshadow and Swiss Chocolate. These two babies are a dream together but work just as well alone, I use Swiss Chocolate nearly every day. 

It is no surprise that my favourite lip products are from MAC. I just love their formulas and I honesty haven’t found anything which can match up them, but if you have some options let me know in the comments below! So for the lipliner it is Stripdown this cool toned brown works with nearly all the lipsticks I own and its my most used! Then for on the lips I have everyone favourite HoneyLove. This dark nude suits everyone so if you’ll looking for a more natural lip I suggest you try this one out.

For brushes like I must admit I haven’t really got any which I think are incredible but I’m hoping in the coming weeks ill have tried a few more and maybe have a review for you guys… But for now I must say these two do a pretty good job for getting into this post. We have the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which I used for all my wet base products and it really helps it get into my skin.  Then I have the MAC 224 which is just incredible for blending because it is so soft and flexible, I prefer this so much more than the 217. 

Now I’ve thrown in a sneaky extra product, the smelling kind. I love perfumes which are more on the ‘woody’ side. Products which are marketed towards males I just always love. The smell off whether it be aftershave or shower products I just think boys smell so much better. So this unisex cologne Wood Sage and Sea Salt is just perfect for me. If you haven’t smelt it get to your local Jo Malone counter ASAP! I promise you’ll leave with a purchase. 

Thank you for reading guys!

Erin –


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