Whats In My Travel Toiletries

So as promised last week here is my skin care travel bag and I can assure you its going to be a lot shorter of a blog post than the last. Skin care is so important for me as I have struggled with acne and continue to fight the battle with blackheads and a dull complexion. So lets dive straight in…

Skin Care
Lets start from the beginning with a Fresh Facial Wash Simple. For me it leaves my skin with a striped fresh feeling some may dislike the tight sensation it leaves the skin but for me it lets me know that all my pores are clean and a moisturiser with wipe away the face lift feeling. After this I go straight to my Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab. I just crushed it up placed inside a spritz bottle purchased from Superdrug added water and hey presto you’ve got your self a travel friendly toner. The tea tree really keeps my spots away and I have seen noticeable difference in my spots just hours after use, would 100% recommend to my fellow spot suffering sisters. After this I like to go in again with another sprits bottle of  The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz. This product is still on trial for me however I have faith in The Body Shops products. I then like to apply the sweet smelling Lush Enzyimon Facial Moisturiser, this is really great in hot climates when skin becomes more oily as the fresh fruit ingredients swats away the shine. Now after a long day of having my skin covered in makeup I want to make sure I can get every last inch off an the next three products really do this for me effortlessly. I use the Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (from Christmas collection set at Boots). This oily makeup remover really breaks downs my mascara and bold lipsticks and leaves me with a very moisturised silky soft under eye area. I then go over my whole face with The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, this after only using for an extremely short amount of time has taken the number one spot in any makeup remover I have ever used, it literally feelings like butter on your face and really effortless removes all traces of makeup, cannot recommend this product anymore! I then like to make sure that my face is extra spotless by using the Lush Soap in CoalFace (recommended from Jamie Genevieve in her recent skin care video over on Youtube). This really has been reducing my black heads and helping to pull all of the toxins out of my pores. I then like to finish all this off with the Nivea Regenerating Night Cream . Nivea moisturises have always been a favourite of mine and I have been using them since I can remember, this particular moisturiser really gives me that deep moisture my skin needs and I always wake up the next day with soft plump skin.

Thanks guys for reading this weeks blog, unfortunately next week there will be no blog post as I am away on a family holiday in Canada *eeekk* however the week after I will be uploading two blogs to make up it.

Thank you again, Erin x


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