What I Bought In Canada – Makeup

So in my week away I might have indulged a bit too much with Sephora and MAC but the exchange rate from GBP to CD just encouraged me more. I really didn’t need anymore makeup but whats a girl to do when its all half price ey…Makeup Haul
My first stop was Sephora so ill start there.
For the first day in Toronto, Canada my boyfriend took me to the Eton centre as the weather wasn’t very good however this didn’t bother me as I love to shop and had already checked out the shops online before I arrived. Casually walking through I seen Sephora and darted straight to it leaving my boyfriend stranded outside for an hour *sorry Alex*. I headed straight for the palettes and picked up a bunch from the display however two of the three chosen ones were sold out like most things I wanted in Sephora so I decided on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette . I didn’t get the chance to use this while I was away as I opted for the oh-nat-ural look however if all goes well I’m sure you will be seeing this soon in a upcoming monthly favourites post.
Second stop was the Nars counter and even though there is one in the UK and city where I live the price was unavoidable. I picked up the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Phoebe, I did however have a little try of this while I was over in Toronto and the colour pigmentation is just gorgeous however it really does remind me of my Kiko Long Lasting Wet and Dry eyeshadow in 202 however PHOEBE is just a little bit more of a darker purple, however I think both colours used together will create the perfect ombre purple smoke.
Stop three was basically me strolling around aimlessly and dazed by the glitter shadows and glossy lip products. However I didn’t do a bad job of getting lost as I found the Becca counter, something I think is unavailable in the UK so of course I went to snatch up Opal but to my disappointment it would have been far too dark on my skin-tone so instead I looked at Moonstone equally as beautiful and as soon as I swatched it I knew that the silk touch formula was coming home with me.
Stop four was the famous “aisle of doom” of course I could have spent a whole day but Alex had shopping of his own to do. So as the cute minis caught my eye non interested me as much as I thought they would. The ones that did I had in the large size back at home or in my case however it was them I spotted The Original Beauty Blender and oh boy I could have threw hundreds into my basket, Ive been dying to get my hands on one. I hope it lives up to its YouTube name and works wonders for my concealer.I then went to my homeland, MAC. However I was disappointed with the size of the stores I hoped to see a massive collection of blushes and lipsticks but the stores were the same as here in Liverpool but that did not stop me from buying goodies. Yes as you may tell there is a purple theme with these eyeshadows! First I picked up the MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Rich Core I love this colour but have a very similar one from Kiko (again the Long Lasting Wet and Dry in 204) *DUPE ALERT*. Which is annoying but to me I can never have enough eyeshadows.Which leads me to buy anther one, the classic MAC Vanilla Pigment. I love the formula of the pigment eyeshadows and my store at home is always sold out so I seized the opportunity while I could. I then picked up a few brushes, MAC brushes are expensive and they were nearly half price so I grabbed the MAC 217 for blending of course and 234 for packing on my more dusty loose eyeshadows. Grab Both Online Here
The Body Shop purchase was just a must have as it was on sale, it is The Body Shop Sparkling Black Mascara, I thought this would be nice for when I got out as it has a subtle sparkle in. (No link available sorry)
An finally I couldn’t help but treating my self at the airport to one of the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire83, after discovering these last summer i fell in love and these are 100% my favourite cream eyeshadows and the price is defiantly worth it.Hope you enjoyed my haul on what I bought in Canada and I hope they are available here in the UK for you incase I’ve tempted you! As promised there will be another blog on Sunday about the beautiful city of Toronto and my stay there.

Thanks for reading,
Erin x


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