Underrated Products – Drugstore Edition

IMG_0080Hi Guys! Hope you have all had a lovely week. For this weeks upload I thought I would do an under rated product post but all about items you can pick up at your local drugstore. I thought highend products most people rate them and thats why we buy them, if you’re like me you read a ton of reviews before spending a pretty penny, so I kind of found it pointless but drugstore we will all be daring. So here is what I’ve been packing in my makeup bag for the past few months…

Starting with skin care – Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream, This product for me is just a holy grail item. I’ve tried many moisturises from The Body Shop and Lush but non seem to suit my skin like this one does. Despite having oily/combination skin I like a thick rich moisturiser which I know is repairing my skin from bad weather and wearing makeup all day. This product I really can’t fault. I even use the one for sensitive an dry skin which is super rich after going on nights out resulting in a sad dehydrated face. It honestly works wonders!


Next up is a skin care item but its for after your makeup and it’s whats going to remove it. I’ve mentioned this before in my Travel Skin Care Bag when holidaying in the summer, yes this is still the same tub it has lasted me so long! (Another perk). I can honestly hand on heart say I don’t think I’m going to find another makeup remover which does what The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter does, no idea why every blogger in the community isn’t giving this a go! It’s creamy like butter and melts away your makeup after seconds of applying it to your face. After rinsing your skin is left with a ‘babies bottom’ feel and very moisturised. It gets a 13/10 from me because it is just so damn good!

Now we get to the even better stuff, and its from Superdrug’s own brand ‘B Radiant’. You don’t know until you try is what I thought while eyeing this up at my local Superdrug. I gave this brand a go after a few recommendations from a friend and my god I wasn’t disappointed. My favourite out of the few times I bought was this Under Eye Concealer. See I’m not on the bandwagon of Collection 2000’s  (sorry had to) concealer for me it is too dry, cakey and creases so bad. However this little gem has changed my life and reminds me very much of Mac prep and Prime Highlighter pen in Light Boost. I actually think it’s an extremely similar product and at a fraction of the price. I basically use this all over my face not just under eye and it wakes up my face on those late night deadlines.IMG_0086IMG_0088

Kiko Beam of Light Highlighter has been my little secret for a good few months now. Bought in the Kiko store in Marbella on offer for the teeny tiny sum of four euros which I don’t even know how much that is in great British pounds but I know it’s very little. This highlighter is extremely natural and I can imagine it to mirror the Hourglass powders I’m lusting after so much. It’s so natural that after highlighting the usual places like cheek and brow bones I do a light dusting across my whole face because why not ey ? If you guys ever see this grab it while you can because I’ll be picking up a few for my stash next time.

When you think you’ll hate it but it ends up being your best buy… The Loreal Brow Artist Shaper in Blonde 02 is my second favourite brow product (sorry Loreal but Nars Kalamata will always be my first love). This is great for using everyday and very inexpensive so I don’t mind when I have to repurchase a new one but buying another Nars pencil which lasts me around three weeks breaks my little heart and purse. I’ve heard people talk about these but never the blonde shade so I assume people think its going to be that ginger colour that most are. However this one is the perfect ash tone. I think for me that is why it makes it into my blog post because the shade is so great for drugstore as usually it can be limited when it comes to blonde eyebrow pencils. So for any blondies looking for a great eyebrow pencil check this shade out I promise you’ll love it.IMG_0089IMG_0091

Now it’s time for what I think is the best out of all of these little gems, my Beyond Flawless Palette by MAKEUP REVOLUTION. Now MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a brand which creates copies of high end products like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for example and they do a pretty damn good job. I’ve unfortunately not tried much from the brand apart from their eyeshadows but these guys are little stars so I think I will have to venture out with their products. These eyeshadows for me are a cheap alternative of Urban Decay’s shadows, they last all day without creasing or fading even without a primer underneath! For the extremely affordable price of £8 per palette you can’t go wrong getting 32 shades. FYI thats around £0.25p per eyeshadow…WOW!

Kiko Pencil Lipgloss’ I think will always be a friend for life! Mentioned before on my blog, I just can’t get enough! They simply are an incredible product I can’t say much more but I wish others would try them and just experience the magic for themselves.IMG_0092IMG_0095

Now for a little something I’ve heard whispers about but needs a big scream and shout! Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipsticks, formula – creamy and non drying (surprising for a matte). Longevity – I touched up after eating which was about 6 hours after applying. Colour – Divine Wine is insane it’s my favourite vampy lipstick I own, it’s a super dark burgundy red. The colour range is small but if your are a girl who likes to wear any an every colour lipstick you’ve got your basic collection here in this range! Give them a go you won’t be sorry, I promise.

Thanks for reading guys! See you next Friday with a little surprise, with love Erin.

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