Trick Or Treat Trends

Hello and welcome back to another Friday blog post! This week I’m getting into the Halloween vibe and discussing whether the new Autumn trends are a trick or a treat. It is also a personal experiment to see if these trends roll around this time next year…

Trick or treat

Let’s get started with 70s flared pants, now I’ve been seeing these for a few season however they have kept on trickling through right into Autumn. For me I see these bad boys as a trick, I haven’t got the super model legs I want to pull them off. Other however rock them incredible well and I am eternally jealous.

Of course we have something which I know will appear every year and of course its time for us all to shine with the sequins and glitter. Every time around Christmas and New year we see the glitz and the glamour bought to our high street. For me a treat as much as i love a good grunge make and all black head to tow outfits a little glitter hurt no one.


Now hold on tight for this one as it’s a bit of a trick, for me anyway. But as seen on the catwalk by designers of Versace, patterned tights are on the up *pun intended*. This for me is a bit too much of a halloween style for me as all I can imagine is them to have tiny pumpkin and spider webs on. However I’m sure if the big names are doing it it will soon trickle down and be a high street boom.

Now the best is saved for last and literally this is me down to a T and a T for treat… ‘Dark Romance’. The dark colours, like forest green, purple and burgundy my favourite. Flowing this season is all different textures. The texture of the clothes is even better, we have high streets stores supplying the best velvet, leather, lace. Zara and Boohoo are prime examples of high street stores who do this. Big thank you to Zara and Boohoo for supplying my needs with grunge leather and victorian style velvet. I love you.

Keep reading for some dark romance looks coming soon!



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