The 411

Hello readers welcome back to my weekly blog and something a little extra… I’ve decided to let you in on the 411 in what’s happening in my life right now. It’s pretty boring you’ve been warned! But I have some upcoming plans for my blog and upcoming events for my life so I thought I would roll this into a post.

So lets start with my blog, well I’m giving my blog a makeover which you guys will be seeing in the new year (fingers crossed). I am giving it some fine tuning because I can see my self doing this for a very long time and even though I am giving 100% in my posts, I don’t feel like the image of my blog represents me. I am also from December onwards going to be posting two blog posts a week, why ? Simply because I love doing this! So I currently upload on a Friday so I think I will choose Monday as my second upload day.

As you’ve probably noticed unless you live under a rock and avoid society (if so let me be your room mate) that we are approaching Christmas very quickly. I love Christmas like lots I’m sure, so for my first Christmas on my blog I’m going to make ‘Blogmas’ happen – yes, every post will be Christmas/Winter related (sorry if your a serious hater and Jingle Bell Rock and all things sparkle)! Posts will be things like gift guides, outfit inspiration and baking, because if you didn’t know I am the next Mary Berry. So I hope this is something you guys can enjoy for the next four weeks…

Now for my life, how am I doing ? I am slowly drowning…Right now I am very much in a stress zone and frantically panicking with uni work as I have my upcoming deadline, but don’t we all. I know all I need to do is plough on and try my best and listen to my boyfriends words of wisdom of “it’ll all come together don’t worry”, I really hope he is right. I am enjoying uni though and I’m looking forward to my next semester and getting new projects and going into stress mode all over again *thumbs up*.

So that’s the negative of my life lets end on a high note! I’m going on holiday in 14 days to Amsterdam with Alex. We have had the idea of going since back before Summer started but finding time off from our jobs and uni life we found a task, so taking advantage of the Christmas holidays we thought we would go then. We will also be away for Alex’s birthday so that makes our trip a little extra special! I’m super excited to go and explore and spend some quality time with him and get even more into the festive spirit! An of course me and Alex can’t wait to try out the great food they have to offer as we’re a real ‘foodie’ type of couple! Of course I will be going to pop a little post up on my what will be new blog when I return *eeeep*.

So for now guys I will leave you until Monday and just drop these beautiful pictures of my home town to get us all in the Christmas spirit.

IMG_0096IMG_0105IMG_0110IMG_0117IMG_0121IMG_0124IMG_0126Vaarwel voor nu (‘Goodbye for now’ in Dutch, couldn’t help myself sorry lol)

Thanks for reading!


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