Summer Swim Wear – Haul

Welcome back guys to a not Friday blog post, this one as promised is to make up for the one I missed while away in London. So as a few of you guys may know if you follow me on my social medias (linked on home page) is that I’m going away in two days to the sunshine in Spain, Marbella. Of course I’ve gotten carried away and bought lots of swim wear as this year I felt there were some gorgeous ones all over the high street, containing my current favourite colour (bright yellow/green) so how could I resist. I thought I’d jump straight in displaying the items with all the info you may need, unfortunately some I bought a while ago but I’ll still try to link down below for you guys! Normal blog post Friday will still be happening even though I’m away guys so make sure you come back!

Bikini Forever 21 Revisable Bikini – Similar material to Triangl swimwear which is what attracted me to it. Unable to find the exact one on website but F21 has a great selection of bikinis. Misguided Yellow Patterned Bikini – Adore the caged detailing however the tan line won’t be thrilling! High waisted bikini bottoms and low waisted top is very flattering especially if your not 100% bikini confident like my self. Also this is the colour I’ve been rocking this summer, I am very much a lover of black clothing and the monochrome look however I’ve been trying to break free from my comfort zone and have been experimenting with this bright colour.  Bikini  Victoria Secret Triangle Bikini – When in London I couldn’t possibly not visit the Victoria Secret store. I cheekily picked up two bikinis exactly the same but in different colours some may say it’s pointless but these were really the only ones I liked the rest far to girly for me. The fit is beautiful and really flattering on my body shape and 100% worth the price tag. Of course the other bikini had to be in the beautiful bright yellow I’m crushing on at the moment.

Swimsuit Motel Swimsuit – I then decided I’d change things up a bit and choose a swimsuit, why I picked white for the sun to ruin I have no idea but this is a lovely simplistic swimsuit. It has detailing over the bust, two straps making it quirky compared to others I had seen and very flattering. The fit however is crazy its so teeny tiny a child wouldn’t fit into it so be prepared to send it back to re-purchase another size!

Thanks for reading guys!Erin x


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