Summer Favourites

Unfortunatly we are heading to the end of summer which is sad but looking on the brighter side I’m moving onto the next chapter of my life and starting university! Also I can’t say I’ve had a boring summer either because I went on the best adventures with the best people. Anyway enough babbling here, this is what I loved throughout the summer months…

Clothes; Now it’s hard for me to try and break into colour especially the summer months I’m more of a black/white/grey kinda girl. However that was until Topshop created these gorgeous red/orange pointed lace up flats! The perfect accessorie to brighten up a dark outfit! Having these shoes has literally got me into the colour red so much I think I’ll be carrying it on through Autumn and Winter!

Next item is another accessorie. I’m rather a collector when it comes to Whistles handbags so when this came to my door I squeeled with excitement! *Thanks mum* I’d been after a pale blue hand bag since early spring but not seen the perfect one however momma done well choosing this for me. I have had it for about a month now  and I probably use it every time I leave my house! It’s the perfect size with a detachable chain and come on how cute is the cats face?

  Now for my last item I thought I’d make this post an outfit as I have been coincidently wearing all three together. Very early summer probably around May I spotted this gorgeous sundress in Urban Outfitters and snatched it fast as Urban Outfitters tend to run out of my size pretty quick! Unfortunately when I got it home it was to big and was the smallest size they stocked however because I loved it so much I decided to keep it and have it altered smaller, which was exspensive but worth it since I’ve worn it a lot this summer. What I love about this dress is of course the cute pattern but also the high neck and low back which makes it day and night appropriate.

Makeup; Now of course I couldnt skip out makeup but this was hard for me to think what I’ve been loving as I tend to go for Autumnal looks and colours. However in the end I chose two bases and an eye colour as I pretty much stick to two lipsticks.

First base is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, a gorgeous dewy base amazing for those hot spring and summer days! Everyone needs to try.

Second base is Smash box Contour Kit, best contour I have ever ever used and has replaced all other new and old contour products! Also the bronzer is beautiful!

Then finally something hot, MAC eyeshadow in Coppering. Probably my favourite eyeshadow ever! It is the most amazing burnt orange red colour which just makes blue eyes pop! (Shoutout to the cousin who created this look). As you can tell I’m now in love with red and orange!

Other; things that I have been loving are my Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera. I got this for Christmas last year but it’s only been this summer where I’ve really got to use it! These are cute cameras but sometimes if it’s too sunny it doesn’t give the best photograph! So beware.

Next is a Netflix favourite and it is Pretty Little Liars, now I only started about a week ago *que song and dance moves* I’m hooked already and have nearly finished the first series however I’m just unsure how they can drag who A out is for like six series however we will see and please no spoliers!

Now the next one if something you’ve heard before on my blog however if you haven’t go check out my blog post about John Green’s book paper towns I seriously loved it! I’m now onto Looking For Alaska however I don’t think I’m going to like it as much as The Fault In Our Stars or Paper Towns however this thought is to be continued…

Finally my last favourite but most important thing about summer is all the memories I have created and how much fun I’ve had. How many laughing fits I’ve had. So if you were a part of that, Thank you.



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