Something Totally Lush

So guys my day of relaxation has arrived. For some you wanna sink into a hot bath or a big glass of gin, I’m partial to both. Right now though the bath seems much more attractive (shocking) as I am extremely hungover right now! Sorry Liver…Lush is one of my all time favourite brands and I have been shopping with them since a little girl when my mum bought me honey trap lip balm, since that day I was hooked! So I wanna walk your through my luscious bath I’ll be taking tonight but also much more products that I love, that you may wanna test out for yourself!IMG_8817IMG_8822Lets get started with all of the facial products I love…Face masks are big yes from me, I’ve tried nearly all the ones that are suitable to my oily skin and Mask Of Magnaminty really win hands down. It gives my face a real deep clean and sorts out my bad pores and teenage skin. I’m also trying out Cupcake but for me it doesn’t really compare much to Magnaminty. A product I love to use after my face mask or even alone is the Coalface soap bar. I always thought putting soap of your face was the most disgusting thing ever but this is just brilliant! It helps to clean away anything left in my pores which the face mask couldn’t reach. Something I’ll just warm this up in my hands and rub all over the face or make a lather with some warm water. Now onto moisturiser, I have only ever tried one from Lush which was Enzymion, I really love this for the hotter months as it’s thin and light but gives your skin the moister it needs. When the winter months role in my skin is in dying need of something a little richer, so if you have any recommendations please leave me some below! The next face product I will be trying is the Ocean Salt Self-Preserving face scrub. Due to a little reading onlineI found that facial scrubs with those tiny little micro beads in our really bad for our environment and the animals we share our earth with. So I’ve decided to chuck out my bad face washes and try this one.IMG_8826IMG_8841Now for hair care I am head over heels in love with everything Daddy O related, the shampoo to the conditioner I love it all. It is the only shampoo I have found to actually leave my hair feeling super clean! It also helps to tone down the yellow in my hair and kind of tops up in-between getting my hair toned. Of course the best thing about Daddy O is the smell, if your a parma violets lover then you’ll honestly want to eat this up! I went to my local Lush store a few weeks ago as I was kind of having an embarrassing moment. I have recently trained my hair to only need washing twice a week instead of 4/5 times like I use to. But the constant greasy hair needing dry shampoo has left me with an awful sensitive scalp. So I’ve bought Soak and Float shampoo bar to help with the dryness but also H’suan wen hua (however you wanna say that, lol) to treat my dry hair as I don’t condition it as much. This product was recommended to me by a lovely guy down at my Liverpool store because it contains bananas which apparently is great for your scalp, so I’m gonna give it a whirl.IMG_8836IMG_8837Now for my favorutie bath and body products. Something I know we have all experienced, LUSH BATH BOMBS! A legacy behind Lush some would argue. We’ve all received them for christmas and birthday presents in the beautifukl gift sets and packaging. However I’m one to treating my self to quiet a few a month, to me they are like buying food and water, I need them. My favourites are Space Girl, because of its parma violet essence, Honey Bee and Avobath, I also love Big Blue which I think I’m really going to have to use tonight! I love these ones because they aren’t over powering and too sweet for me.Stangely I don’t like the sweet smelling things but body wash you know it has got to be The Comforter. There’s something about this body wash which has be addicted, to my nose it’s so sweet that it almost smells sour, strange I know. I’m not much of a girly girl but when this glistening pink shower gel washes over me I feel like a little fairy… This isn’t something I will use everyday though. Usually I have the Original Sources Tingling Mint body wash, but I spotted this Dirty Springwash which is a spearmint sent, of course there was no question it had to be mine, so far I like it but don’t love it…

Thanks for readings guys see you Monday for something a little tasty…Erin


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