What Is In My Travel Makeup Bag

So this summer I am very luck to be travelling a lot and my first stop is Canada, I will be going with my boyfriend and his family to see the beautiful views and buildings an of course the shops *hint: potential haul*. I checked out the weather and realised it’s going to be a little on the hot, this remade me think about heavy coverage foundation and the grunge-like smokey eye I’m ever so fond of. I have swapped around my foundation for BB cream and dark shadows for something a bit more subtle. I then also had to think about being compact as I of course being a make-up junkie I want to bring home more makeup than anyone could ever need, anyway enough rambling lets take a look inside my travel bag.

First up is face make-up…

First up I’m taking my trusty Smashbox-Camera-Ready-BB-Cream  (SPF 35), I love it, very dewy yet has a velvet feels to the skin, I have mine in Fair/Light and surprising it is a shade too dark for me however that’s easily solved with my Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen in Light Boost . This gives me the perfect natural highlight but also is great to put anywhere on the face to lighten up you base colour. The formula again is very similar to the Smashbox BB Cream however the highlighter is completely dewy, something I love in Spring/Summer time. Next up I have the much loved by beauty bloggers Collection-Lasting-Perfection-Concealer and after trying it only a few months ago I now know why it’s loved but not why it is loved so much. It really is a long lasting formula but mine creases and its a little too thick for under my eyes. We then move on to the next makeup essential in my travel bag, the Smashbox-Step-by-Step-Contour Palette, this palette has upped my contour game to Kimmy K style. It consists of the perfect colours for my very fair skin however built up would look beautiful on darker skin tones too. The highlight (first in palette) is very natural and has the texture of butter. The bronzer is a great all round and I like to use just the bronzer by its self as it is matte and still helps me to chizzle out my cheek bones. The contour shade however is by far my favourite its the first cool toned powder I ever used to contour with and its crazy how it transformed my face, making my contour look natural and defined. Now last but not least is my Narsissist Blush, Contour and Lip Palette  *Brownies points to the boyfriend*. This palette may be making me bring an extra bronzer and highlight however it ups the game by having very small flecks on silver glitter in ALBATROSS and gold ones in LAGUNA. The blushes however steals the show with the great choice of colours. We have first in the palette ENRAPTURE which is perfect for the daytime, then we have ENTRALLED perfect if you don’t have time to re-do you makeup throwing this over ENRAPTURE gives those apples the perfect appeal. Last but by no means least we have ROMAN HOLIDAY blush now this is very pink and bright for me however the tiniest application of this to the cheeks will give me that bright look on those tired jet lag days.

Secondly we have eyes…

Now I know this looks like a lot but its honestly not its just the eye palette which makes the group look big, I promise. So lets get the biggest out the way first, I’ve chosen theSmashbox-Full-Exposure-Eye-Shadow-Palette purely for its two in one purpose, it has great glitter shades for the evening and then amazing colours of warm and cool tones mattes for the day, this palette does come in a travel size (loosing a few shades) but unfortunately I only own the large one. Im also a big fan of the brush that comes with this, I use the black haired side to apply matte or glitter shades and then the white side to blend out any harsh lines. I then choose a paint pot from MAC which could go under any eyeshadow colour, so I have the bog standard paint pot in aSoft Ochre , this isn’t my skin toned and when applied really brightens up the eyes with a yellow tone which I personally like but its really great if you have any eyeshadows you want to lighten up on the lid. I then course had to bring myMAC Liquid Eyeliner in Black, I love doing a dramatic winged eyeliner for evenings on my self as I feel the whole look is pulled together with some sort of eyeliner. However for a day time looked I want to keep my make-up quiet natural as the weather is going to be super hot, so my second option isUrban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Bourbon. This does contain glitter so it adds a bit of something something to the eyes but is great just for darkening up your lash liner to create the illusion of thicker lashes. Also hinted by the name its extremely long wearing which is perfect in heat. I then have theSmashbox Full Exposure Mascara  I have the travel sized as it came with the palette on a promotion. Im bringing this mascara as its the only one I’ve found which is able to give me length and volume without smearing throughout the day. I’ve then got my two favourite brow products, being a blonde its very hard to get the right brow colour for you as some brows don’t suit us and black doesn’t either. However after recently dying my hair an ashy blonde colour I found the irreplaceableIllamasqua Brow Cake in Motto. They have a colour for every hair colour and shade and the long lasting formula and product I’ve had for around 6-7 months looks virtually brand new, it is 100% worth your money. To go with this I boughTNars Brow Perfector in KALAMATA  another grey toned eye brow product which just makes them look a little more natural than the powder. However lining out my brows with the Brow Perfector and then filling then in with the Brow Cake gives me those Lily Collins brows which I love. To finish off I just have my Nars Sharpener in case of a broken pencil and my Clinique eyelash curlers to make my eyes and lashes look extra big. (unable to link as they where from the Mothers day gift set)

Last but by no means least…lips

I have Nars Roman Holiday lipstick (matches the blusher) *extra brownies points to the boyf*. It not my typical shade however this lightly applied to the lips gives the most moisturised rosy tint perfect for those hot summer days. narscosmetics. I then have my second ever bought MAC lipstick in the shade Shy Girl, for most people this is a nude but on me it comes out a peachy orange, I love it and it’s a great summer shade, paired with a neutral brown smokey eye. A great duo is Shy girl and Summer Fruits Creamstick Liner by MAC again this orange toned liner helps to plump out those lips maccosmetics http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/167/1092/Products/Lips/Lip-Pencil/Cremestick-Liner/index.tmpl.
I also came across the perfect Kylie Jenner colour in the Kiko store in Leeds. The Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss in 08 is the perfect nude and just this on its own makes your lips look fuller no lip liner required! kikocosmetics. Then I have two gloss shades, my favourite nude gloss being Tanya Burrs lipgloss in Chic, the smell and the formula are seriously great and the shade goes with nearly every eye shadow possible. Tanya-Burr-Lipgloss-Chic. I then have the lipgloss that comes with the Nars Palette mentioned earlier it is in the shade INSTRIA and by its self or even paired with ROMAN HOLIDAY it creates the perfect pretty pink. (I don’t think they do this colour by its self as I think it is exclusive to the pallette, sorry guys)

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my very  very long make-up travel essential list but I wanted to give you a little information on the products and why I like them. If you would like any of the reviews please comment and I would be more than happy to do one. Next weeks blog will be my Travel skin care so stay tuned for next Fridays blog, Thank you again, Erin x


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