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So guys this weeks a sneak peek into the beautiful things that my vanity homes.

Face makeupI’ve been recently inspired by Lily Pebbles Youtube video that I seen around 2 weeks ago, it really inspired me to stop buying (trying to resist since my student loan came in) and go through makeup that I’ve already got and fall in love with it all over again. So I’ve got two for face, eyes and lips. Strangely each two are from the same brand, which is kinda of obvious for me yet reader may find it weird. But we all have the brands we love and stick to.So first we have two of my all time favourite MAC products…Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium Plus an no this isn’t my face powder this is my contour colour *I assume some shocked faces*. Now this can be used as a face powder but I’ve got one a few shades darker than my natural skin tone. This is something I advise for all my pale sisters out there that need the Kimmy K contour. Using a face powder means that it’s going to look super natural and it avoids orange tones. For everyday use it’s my go to but for a night out I prefer something a little heavier. But since finding it in my draw I’ve fell in love and I feel like I’ve discovered contouring all over again. Now I’m sure your all looking at that beautiful golden blush (looks a lot coral on the photograph sorry guys) and wondering which God placed that on earth, again it’s MAC. There Mineralise Blush in Warm Soul really does warm my soul when I apply it. It is so beautiful on the cheeks that it grabs all attention and I can happily title it as “whats on your cheeks” blush. Enough said I’m happy I’ve re-found you and don’t worry you were never replaced!

Eye ShadowNow these to babies have always been cherished by me, however I kind of put them away after purchasing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. But for my everyday makeup to uni I had to crack them back out! We have 238 (LEFT) and 240 (RIGHT) eyeshadows by Kiko. These shadows are so multipurpose they can be used for transition shades, a duo for a subtle smoke and blending with much brighter colours! I used these guys so much and I can’t really believe I put them away! I like to use 238 as my transition shade if I’m doing a cool tone eye and 240 to deepen my crease.

LipsticksFinally my two Topshop lipsticks, the only two I own. Topshop lipsticks are amazing and remind me very much of MAC lipsticks but half the price! These two colours really helped me flow into the different seasons last year. The top left is Beatnik which is basically a ‘your lips but better’ the perfect Autumn shade if your a little too scared of a super berry lip. Then bottom left we have Devotion I bought this at the end of Winter so I didn’t get as much use out of it as I wanted to, but don’t worry I will this year. Now this again is a great shade if your too scared of a super dark lip. Devotion paired with the too cool toned Kiko shadows I think will be my super quick and easy fall makeup.

Thanks for reading…see you next Friday!


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