Naughty Or Nice New Year Resolutions

Hi guys! Hope your all having a lovely Monday and welcome back to another blogmas. Today I’m going to be talking about what I’m thinking about for resolutions. I’m really good at keeping them surprisingly even if it’s not the whole year it’s a good few months run, lol. So last year I decided I was going to cut down on the bad foods and drinks and try and get my self a bit healthier! Even today a year on I have managed to keep this and will continue it to next year. So for 2016 I am hoping to…

1. Cut down on the amount of shopping I do! I’m a serious online shopping addict.

2. Carry on not buying any animal products related to fashion like leather bags and shoes.

3. Putting extra time and effort into my blog! I love doing this but sometimes I’m never 100% happy with a post, so I want to make sure every time before I click the publish button I’m always happy!

4. Stop saying no and start saying yes. I am such a Debby downer and I think I need to start being a bit more spontaneous! Even if it’s the simplest of things.

5. Being confident! Every year I make this and I never try, however I do feel more confident now than I did this time last year but not by much! I think this is something I need to kick my ass into gear over instead of expecting it to come to me!

Thanks for reading my little post guys see you Friday!Erin


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