Life Of A Liverpudlian

As you can probably guess from the title I am indeed from the lively city of Liverpool, home of trends such as Scouse brows and hair roller hair dos! I am a 19 year old beauty junky who was fortunate enough to be born a bred in Liverpool, a great fashion capital of the UK if I do say so myself. I have recently just finished school after staying behind a year an awaiting my A-level results to see if I can study a Fashion degree (shivers with nervous excitement). However before that I have a very intense summer planned, lots of which I want to share on here involving lots of sight seeing, serious sunshine and a sorrow separation to my friends leaving for uni. I love fashion and beauty and coming from a city which makes a statement in both I see living in this city an inspiration to my life. But aside from this I indulge in reading, netflix-ing, being a crazy cat lady and of course eating up the great food Liverpool has to offer. Oh an how could I forget drinking, coming from a very student orientated city one must keep up, don’t you agree ?

So until next time I’ll leave you with the beautiful scenery of one my favourite places in Liverpool,  The Albert Dock.


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