Life Hacks For Students

So it’s a first year for some at university and when you are at home it’s pretty easy. But when you move out and take on all those ‘adult responsibilities’ you parents warn you about pre adolescent years, you realise it is hard and you become very poor very quick. So this weeks blog post in something a little different but I’m sure all my uni friends will appreciate it.

1. No coffee machine ? Simply take a mug, a disposable paper cup (from last nights party), coffee filter and rubber band.  Take the bottom out of the paper cup, now elastic band the coffee filter over the bottom of the paper cup place on top of mug and boom you’ve got yourself a coffee machine.

2. Make scrambled egg in the microwave, saves on those dishes you just don’t want to do.

3. Use a binder clip to keep alcohol (most important item within your fridge) well stacked in those tiny student fridges. Can also be used for keeping all your wires of your computer tidy.Binder clips4. Cant afford plates ? Don’t worry just use a tortilla, great thing is, is that you can eat it afterwards.

5. Use fizzy drink tabs as extra storage in your wardrobe. Just place onto hanger head through the first hole, then use second hole to store second hanger!Hangers

6. Most accommodations don’t let you hang pictures to the walls. Just get some wasi tape and place them on the wall! Also adds character to your bedroom.Wasi tape

7. Heavy sleeper after a big night out ? When you come home place you phone into an empty glass it amplifies the sound. *DRUNK STUDENTS PLEASE REMEMBER EMPTY GLASS*

8. Get a back pack, you’ve got a lot of carrying and that laptop bag your looking at now will hurt your shoulder Monday morning.Backpack

9. So I know a few people on my course have moved into pretty rank places. If they smell get a dryer sheet that smells sweet simply place over fan and switch on.

10. Most important when giving class talks set up a friend to answer you in your presentation so both of you seem like you know what your talking about.


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