Let It Snow | Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Kicking off Blogmas I have my winter wardrobe essentials list, what we need to stay warm and fight away frost bite this year. Also you may see some of these items as potentially stocking fillers for your loved ones. So I hope this blog helps an you  all get a little something from it.

Let’s begin at the top, of course we all need a hat. A hat to me is an essential as having cold ears results in troubling ear ache which I’d rather avoid! I also find that I need a hat as I usually buy coats with a hood, silly I know. A scarf again is always brought out for Winter and even Autumn as it keeps the cold off your chest. My matching scarf (snood, crazy combination of a hood and scarf – still confused) is from Primark. I like them because of the colour, as my winter coat is black I wanted something to make me appear a bit brighter so this cream with a hint of grey does the trick!


But of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to get a black scarf, this one again a bargain from Primark coming in at around £6-8. It was the print that caught me straight away. It is in a blanket style so it is much more versatile than my snood however both are loved equally!


Now unfortunately there were no gloves that matched my set so I picked up these up from Topshop (waiting on delivery – sad emoji face) they are just pretty average but I liked the sparkle detail to add a dash of Christmas spirit to my outfit. Gloves again I will always wear every year as having cold hands to the point of it burning when you go into the warmth is not pleasant.


I also picked up these little faux fur cuffs which no aren’t an essential but I thought I’d give them a mention anyway. I just thought they were adorable and yes that means I had no will power to say no!  They are from a great little website Everything Five Pounds, yeah it does what it says on the tin and they have a secret I’ll let you in on… *psssssttt* they sell stock from ASOS and Topshop! Give them a quick look guys because I’m in love with these! http://www.everything5pounds.com


Now a coat again it is something we all need because let’s face it jackets do us no good when it’s snowing, I have ordered a winter coat but unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet (damn you Royal Mail!). It’s from American Apparel and it is their ‘Unisex Winter Jacket’ it says jacket yes but I promise it’s a coat. Now this is great because it actually has a hood, yes I finally got a coat with a hood! An it’s been rated 4/5 stars on their website. So I’m hoping this baby can keep me warm in the UK but also Amsterdam.


Right at the bottom we have my well loved Dr Martens, I have cherished these boots for three winters now and as you can see they are still in a great condition. They have a sheep wool lining so they really do keep my feet warm. Also we all know how good quality docs are and of course they are very long lasting. I love the brand and style however I think the next ones I invest in will be of the vegan leather material as I am trying to stop buying any animal products all together.


I can happily now wish for it to snow this Christmas as I can say I’m over prepared! Thanks for reading guys see you on Friday!


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